Fabricland Sale

Attention all Canadians, Fabricland is going to have a birthday sale from April 15th to May 5th! We’re going to be picking up blackout curtains for our photo studio, maybe some white vinyl for photo backgrounds and perhaps some outdoor or home decor fabric and big chunky curtain grommets for swank bags. Sadly their cash registers are archaic and the lineups at both the cutting tables and cashes can be long but the savings will be awesome. I’m thinking of white denim with black trim and maybe some colour blocking. Oh, and I need a whole lot of interfacing!!!

My Emmaline bowling bag is almost finished, hopefully I’ll have something to show you this weekend, my hardware just arrived today!


5 thoughts on “Fabricland Sale

  1. Go to the discount section at the back of the store they have white demin that was from last year. It was over $25 a meter at one point it is on for only $4 a meter. It wider then normal, it is amazing as lining for inside of bags. I have washed it all when I got it and it didn’t need to be ironed at all. If they don’t have it in your store email me and I will run and check here, they then should be able to transfer it to your store.

    I was in yesterday and here it wasn’t too busy.

  2. Hey Tabatha!!!! I have an idea and was wondering if you are up for it? I have physio tomorrow night at 6:40 and Steve is doing betdtime so I was wondering if you would want to go to Fabricland after my appointment? Let me know if you are up for it! P.S. Thanks for the tip, I purchased the retiring patterns from Michelle Patterns 🙂 Excited to try a few of these of course!!! A


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