Boyd St. Bowling Bag

When I first saw the Boyd St. Bowling Bag by Emmaline, I was in love! I selected a fun text print in a 7oz cotton duck in mandarin, turquoise, natural and grey for the exterior, a zig zag in mandarin (10oz cotton canvas) and twill in ocean.

Boyd St. Bowling Bag

This bag features a roomy main area, interior zipper and slip pockets lots of fun hardware and a pleated exterior. I chose to make fabric covered rope handles as well as a removable shoulder strap. It was my first attempt at making rope handles and although it was a struggle to turn the fabric, I really like the results and the handles feel nice in the hand. I wasn’t sure how to finish the handles but it worked and I will try it again.

Boyd St. Bowling Bag

The pattern is for the intermediate sewer and although I didn’t find it difficult, I wouldn’t recommend it for the beginner.

Boyd St. Bowling Bag

Interior Pockets

Interior Pockets

Julie's Bag

I’m also working on another Steph in the City bag for my sister. Almost finished, I need to make the belt, hide my threads and sew up the lining then I’m shipping it off next week!


Julie's Bag


A little “Happy Mochi Yum Yum” for lining always make me happy, I hope she likes it too!



25 thoughts on “Boyd St. Bowling Bag

  1. I didn’t care for the pattern when I first saw it, but yours has made me change my mind. It’s so cute and modern. Great job!!!

  2. I figured itd be a bowling ball purse, but I had my fingers crossed from the title it’d be a bowling ball bag (have a dream of making one for my husband!) Nevertheless it’s very pretty, even if I can’t shove shoes and a bowling ball in it πŸ˜‰

    • Quite honestly Ali, I don’t know how big a real bowling ball bag is but I love the size of this bag. Certainly big enough to be an overnight bag or a bag for everyday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Now I am an even bigger fan, if that’s possible! The quality of your work is without equal. I consider myself to be an advanced sewer, but you put me in the shade! Not just the quality of your work, but your creative selection of fabrics. T-rific!

  4. Love the piped handles!! I had a version of those myself, but they got tossed aside and saved for another project. Love your fabric choices! It just turned out gorgeous!! Will have to share.

  5. Oh I want one! The fabric is gorgeous!
    I’m a big fan of bags with plain (wrong word but can’t think of a better one) outers and cute/funky linings, like your blue one.

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