Document Envelope & Tablet Sleeve

We’re back today with a couple more Michelle Patterns’ $5 deals; a Document Envelope  combined with the Tablet Computer Sleeve pattern pieces for the $5 Friday special this week.

Both of these documents are “Just Pattern Pieces” (no instructions) for those of you who already know how to sew them.  These are simple pouches and the same construction as many of my other patterns.

The Document Envelope is a big pouch designed for carrying files, paperwork, magazines, etc.

The Tablet Computer Sleeves are simple pouches for iPads, other tablet computers, or whatever else you can think to store inside.

Both documents are available together for $5, or you can order the files individually.


All affiliate proceeds till the end of May will be donated to LotsaDogs Rescue. I will be participating in their Six Legged Hike taking place on Saturday, May 25th, it’s an 8km hike and I’ll be walking Billy, a super sweet Saint Bernard, Boxer mix who is looking for a great home.


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