Fabric storage Ikea idea

I saw this on Ikea Hackers this morning and thought it would be a brilliant way to store fabric! The TROFAST storage boxes come in different sizes, I think this one would be perfect (in white, of course). What do you think?

Still no sewing mojo but I’m going to try today after I bathe the dogs, get their nails trimmed and run a few errands…

8 thoughts on “Fabric storage Ikea idea

  1. This wall of storage is beautiful and a brilliant idea!!! Love it!!! I hope you get your sewing mojo back. Just dive in or take a Craftsy class or two. The one with the Tinker Bag Tote is so much fun. It is a quilt as you go class and the teacher Tara Bedman(I think that’s her name ala tinkerfrog) is a hoot!!

  2. Looks cool but that wall would cost $192 buckaroos! Yikes!
    I wonder what is going on with the ones on the ceiling. Maybe they are made into lights?

  3. It does look lovely but I think it is difficult to keep clean. I could imagine myself going in and out all of those spaces with a cloth. Yikes!!!
    Unfortunately when ever I buy furniture etc, I always have to ask myself if it is easy to keep clean.
    Don’t listen to me though.

  4. Love the way it combines storage with showcasing, making a beautiful wall piece as well as being practical! x

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