WIPs Galore!

All quilting is suspended until I have my quilting frame & machine (and a LOT of practice), which leaves me with many WIPs and new projects. As mentioned yesterday I’ve been invited by Heather & Megan of Quilt Story to participate in their Holiday Tutorials Thursdays so one of my WIPS is to work on my tutorial!

One new project I started last weekend is what I consider a “guy’s” quilt using Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt, Robert Kaufman Essex linen and log cabins. Love the fabrics in this line! I’m using Superior Threads’ Kimono Silk for piecing and quilting which gives me super flat and strong seams!


Another project I’m working on is a baby quilt for one of my girlfriends, she is currently 6 months along so I only have four months left to work on it. I don’t know if she’s having a girl or boy (I’m guessing girl) but thought I’d play it safe  by making it for a boy or a girl by using two Aneela Hoey embroidery patterns from her new book, Little Stitches. Her designs are so sweet and book is fabulous, great for embroidery beginners like myself.

Last but not least, I’ve been hankering to make a bear’s paw quilt and have decided to once again pull out Backyard Baby fabric by Patty Sloniger. I’m not a big child’s fabric fan but I adore this line, it’s obviously for kids without being too cutesy.

On a side note, I’ve started using my Sony NEX 5-N instead of my iPad, I really need to use all of the features available, it’s a great camera but I need to work on my white balance as well as other things.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have new a hair style, it’s very similar to the last style. I’ve decided that I really, really love short hair (so does DH!), so easy to care for, I haven’t had to use a blow dryer or straightener in months, which is so much healthier! I just need to ignore my parent’s and strangers comments — my Dad loves long hair but he doesn’t have to take care of it. ;D

Have a great week, keep on sewing!

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Cutting the (Par)cheesie

Flora by Lauren & Jessie Jung

Cutting Parcheesie

I spent the entire day cutting my stash of Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda to make a Parcheesie quilt, pattern by April of Prairie Grass Patterns. This pattern involves a lot of cutting and finishes at 86″ x 86″, the largest quilt I’ve made to date!

Sixteen fat quarters cut into 21 pieces plus three yards of background fabric (Kona white) cut into 384 pieces = 720! That doesn’t include the back, boarders or binding!! It will all be worth it, it’s a beautiful pattern and believe it or not, I have fabric left over for pillowS!

This will be the first pattern where I’ve cut out all the pieces before sewing, I usually cut as I go.

Mettler Silk-Finish cotton thread

Mettler Silk-Finish Thread

Because Aurifil thread isn’t available to me locally, I haven’t won any and and Alex hasn’t sent me some, I’ve decided to use Mettler Silk-Finish cotton thread. It’s a fine, thin, long staple 50wt cotton with a very smooth finish. It will be interesting to see how much lint it produces compared to Aurifil and Gutermann.

DH received a package from Amazon.ca today and he was sweet enough to include a little something for me in his order, Aneela Hoey’s Little Stitches! Yes, I DO have the best hubby in the world! What I didn’t realize about this book is that it has ready-to-use iron-on transfers, AWESOME!!


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This week I received my signed copy of fellow Canadians, Cheryl Arkison and Amanda Jean Nyberg ‘s Sunday Morning Quilts which inspired me to reorganize my scraps by colour. The task was daunting, I had what seemed to me to be so many scraps it felt overwhelming. I jut never know what to keep and what to throw away but I threw away ALOT! Why was I holding on to such tiny pieces of fabric??

It took awhile but finaly finished then pulled out my current favorites, sat down and began to sew scraps together randomly. Because I felt that all the scraps I pulled went together well, it didn’t matter which pints or colours were paired but I did know that I wanted a lot of white space.

I want this to be a full size quilt so it will be an ongoing work in progress. When I was finished this section, I put all the scraps in a zip lock bag and started Kimberly Einmo’s easy lonestar.

This week I also dusted off my Janome 350E embroidery machine and fell in love all over again. This really is a great machine, it’s easy to use and embroiders beautifully. The only problems I have with this machine are human error. 😛

Unemployment Day 6 (Working days: 3)
For those following along, deep house cleaning ensues, the toilet, tub and kitchen floor have been bleached within an inch of its life and the ceiling beams have been dusted in the bedroom. I’d like to get some yard work done but it’s going to be stinking hot today. Although I was up at 4:00 a.m. this morning, I’m started to settle in, I think… I’m looking forward to sewing without guilt today!

Sheep in progress…

Bullion Ewe

I drew my sheep, traced around the body using a chain stitch (I think I should have back stitched instead) then started filling in with the bullion knots I learned from Bari J.’s tutorial.

Bullion Knot Roses

Here’s a close-up of my roses.

And look what I got in the mail today!

Anna Maria Horner’s Anchor Pearl Cotton Embroidery Threads!!

Can’t wait to use them!!

Free Embroidery con’t.

Bending Pins: Embroidered Garden

This is the progress I made from yesterday. I swung by Bari J.’s blog, We Love French Knots and leaned how to make embroidered roses using bullion knots, so fun! I also used bullion knots to make that little bee although he’s still missing his wings, poor thing. With all those flowers, how could you not attract honey bees? I traced my embroidery hoop as a guide for that arc. I think I’m going to attempt to make a little sheep using french knots.

That’s all I got, just happy little stitches.


Bending Pins: Embroidered Garden

I wasn’t loving my stitch and slash art project so I switched gears yesterday and started embroidering a garden. No plan, no pattern, just free stitching.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday afternoon as much as I am.