Bernina 550 QE Firmware Update Fixes!

This is for those with a Bernina electronic machine — update your firmware! Hubbs updated my machine this weekend and the problems I’ve had with the lack of responsiveness when attempting to reverse have been solved! My machine is more responsive now and seems to be running smoother or maybe that’s because I cleaned and oiled it. ;D  I have one caveat however, since the firmware update the cleaning icon won’t go away despite my actions, this was supposed to have been fixed, I’ll have to check my manual to ensure I’ve done everything correctly. Check out the list of updates in this PDF.

Besides receiving the Gracie Queen quilt frame on Friday, I also received my fabric swap package from my partner, Crafty Oz Girl! I had requested Denyse Schmidt fabrics from Joanne’s and she sent prints I didn’t have in my stash, hurrah! Some of these we can’t get here in Canada so they’re much appreciated! She also sent some yummy chocolate, batting tape and dots to put on my rulers so they don’t slip. Thank you Yvette!

Goodies from Crafty Oz Girl


Shortarm Quilting

No, I don’t have my Juki TL-2000Qi or Grace frame yet. For those not in the know, I ordered the Grace Start-Right frame from but The Grace Company does not ship this particular frame to Canada (although they will ship it across the U.S.). So, I am getting the Gracie Queen frame instead. the Gracie queen frame has wooden sides and aluminium bars which are lighter and less expensive to ship. The Gracie Queen is height adjustable whereas the Start-Right is not. There seems to be more flexibility with the Gracie Queen than the Start-Right. I was dubious about the wood warping in our basement but Lynn assured me that this wouldn’t happen.

Last week I discovered Sharon Schamber, an award winning quilter and big proponent of Juki straight stitch domestic machines. She has a video about side leaders so that the quilt bed does not interfere with the side clamps when quilting on a domestic machine. This is one of the first things I’m going to make for my new set-up. I’m also going to take the velcro route for attaching quilt backs (same video) for a smoother quilting experience and quicker loading.

This afternoon I received my first Flickr “Monthly Fabric Swap Group” package and I couldn’t be more thrilled, I love the fabrics AND the chocolate!! The balance between dark chocolate, sweet and salty is PERFECT, OMG, delicious!!

Swap from Mama Missa

Thank you so much Mama Missa, I love the fabrics, chocolate AND thread! I’ve been struggling with green lately, I have a love/hate relationship with this colour, but I really love these prints and I’m determined to make a green + ? quilt with them. I hope you were as happy with my package as I am with yours!

Keeping up with the Joneses

I can’t, I just don’t have that much spare time and am away from home 11 hours a day. I’m dropping out of SewCalGal’s Free Motion Quilting Challenge, I missed February completely and March is more than half over with nothing to show for it. I will follow the tutorials when I can but I just can’t compete, especially when we’re having such beautiful weather.

I also won’t be participating in any more creative swaps — fabric swaps are easier and I’m considering the Charm About You’s Stale Stash Swap, I have some Joel Dewberry which needs rehoming.

Here’s the little mug rug I broke a needle on last weekend, I have one Microtex needle left, good thing Fabricland is having a birthday sale soon, I’ll be stocking up on thread as well.

I received my purchase of Flea Market Fancy Eyelet in grey, two yards as it’s an excellent basic, my first purchase of this line, I missed the first round.

BTW, this is my first post composed entirely on my new iPad (yeah, the new one that just came out) using Blogsy(I love it!), you can use it for Worpress or Blogger, comes with instructional videos built in so if you need help, it’s right there but everything is intuitive imo. I even took these photos with my new iPad!

This is going to be awesome for our trip to Germany in May!

The Way She Sews It

I was mortified yesterday, when I realized that I hadn’t yet blogged about my winnings from P.’s giveaway from The Way I Sew it!

Giveaway Goodies


Not only did I receive a fabulous mug rug but just look at that adorable little Pyrex dish, photo card (P. did you take that shot?) and more than just a fat quarter of juicy fabric. Thank you P.!! That fabric is one that you admire and adore so much you’re afraid to cut into, I LOVE it!

If you haven’t come across P.’s blog yet, you might want to stop by, she’s a collector of all sorts of cool vintage goodies, a talented quilter, a great sense of humor and a fine taste in music!

I was able to get some sewing done today but not near enough. I’m having problems putting the snap on the back of the second pillow I’m making for my sister and haven’t received my fabric order yet. SewTara dropped by today and we had ourselves a little fabric swap, YAY!

Scrappy Shoes

Keen's Scrappy Shoes

Look at these cute Quilty Scrappy shoes I found today at Keen’s on my way home, aren’t they adorable?! What do they remind you of?

Sevenberry Japanese Fabric

Keen's Scrappy Shoes

Yesterday I finished making all my log cabin blocks, including the floating blocks, 34 in total I think. I was going to sew them up next weekend but the weather is going to be too nice to stay in the basement and with this weather, I need to shorten my Laura Gunn Skinny Stipes skirt and make a new one, perhaps one from my Enchino or Sevenberry fabric to go with these shoes!

My first log cabin blocks

What was really interesting when making these block completely random, is that 3 of them all had the same fabric in the same position at the top of the block.

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

Fabric Swap

Wow, I have more available fabric than I thought including some Japanese fabrics! I don’t know what line these first two are from as there is no selvege edge, I think it might be linen or have some linen content as it is a little heavier than quilting cotton. Click on the images for a larger view and leave a comment and ask for the actual size.

Japanese Fabric #1

Japanese Fabric #2

FQ Sevenberry Japanese Cotton

The following fabrics are City Girl Kitty Yoshida

1 meter

1/2 meter?

15 pcs Layer Cake

1 meter Alexander Henry, Bobby Pins

I can’t remember the name of this fabric, no selvage edge.


FQ from same collection as previous.

Kona Bay FQ

Interested in a trade? Let me know what you’ve got! All my photos are on Flickr as well.

Fabric Swap Anyone?

I have a few fabrics that don’t quite fit into my colour palette which were purchased recently, some pieces are 10″x10″, some are a 1/2 yard or full meter. I know I don’t have many followers at the moment but was wondering if anyone was interested in a small fabric swap?  I’ll post photos of what I have this evening after dinner (hopefully).