Two new baskets

I finished up my Amy Butler basket this morning. This time, I whip stitched all the seams on the inside so they’d lay flat then tacked down the sturdy poly so it wouldn’t shift.



I love this fabric! I didn’t quilt it because I didn’t want to distort the floral pattern but the inside lining is quilted in a diamond grid.



I finished the second basket awhile ago but just never got around to taking photos.

Yellow Wood


My shoulder is remarkably better, I think I just needed a day on the sofa!


Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

I’ve managed to pinch a nerve or something in my left shoulder, not sure. I’m going to be very careful which way I turn my head or move my arms so I’ll be taking it easy until I’m confident I won’t have stabbing pains running up my neck.

Photo from

Amy Butler: Cameo: Josephine’s Boutique

I may do some cross stitch quietly on the sofa but I think standing and cutting fabric is out of the question for a day or two.

I did manage to finish another basket this weekend using Amy Butler’s “Josephines Boutique” in Ink from the Cameo collection. What a gorgeous fabric, the photo doesn’t do it justice, the inky blue background is deep and indeed inky. I’ll post photos once I have it nicely ironed.

Back to the sewing room soon I hope!

Orange Ombre Basket

I took a bunch of photographs of my completed Orange Ombre Quilted Basket this morning and would love your input. Click any image to enlarge.

First of all, if you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I had to wash the exterior of the basket to get rid of the chalk lines left by the Dritz marking pencil. The result was, of course, a soft crinkled look to the fabric which I quite liked. What do you think? Also, I’d like your opinions on the photos, these are for my Etsy shop and I’d like to know which photos you like best and why. You’re allowed to include five photos with your listing.

Without further ado, here they are:

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Bending Pins

Fig. 2

Bending Pins

Fig. 3

Bending Pins

Fig. 4

Bending Pins

Fig. 5

Bending Pins

Fig. 6

Bending Pins

Fig. 7

Bending Pins

Fig. 8

p.s., I haven’t slip stitched the top yet so I can still make changes, i.e., iron the exterior fabric.

p.p.s., Thank you for your help!!

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Dritz fail!

I started working on another basket this morning, I typically mark my grid using Frixion pens but the ink doesn’t run smoothly so I tried this Dritz pencil thingie which marks wonderfully, too wonderfully, the friggin’ marks wouldn’t come off!

Dritz pencil and markings


I know you can’t see the lines very well in a photo, click the image to see larger. I was using a dry micro cloth in attempt to remove the markings but that didn’t work. I left a blue-green hue to my stitches.

Washing Dritz MarkingsEven scrubbing with Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover didn’t work  (it really works… on everything else!), those stupid lines wouldn’t go away! I filled a tub with cool water and a half capful of Zero laundry detergent, gently scrubbed and soaked, rinsed and lay out to dry. The markings were a little lighter I think but I could still see them when the fabric was wet so I threw it in the dryer for 15 minutes. The markings are finally gone but what a hassle! I decided not to iron the crinkle out of the fabric, it’s making the basket have a softer appearance that I really like so all is not lost.

I hope to have 2 finishes tomorrow, “hope” being the key word. I really, really love those Riley Blake Ombre dots!!

Hope your week is going better than mine!



Fractured Pieced & Quilted

Bending Pins: Fractured Quilt: Pieced and Quilted


Offsetting the focal point was a good idea because I ran out of my blue fabrics as well as the purple! I quilted spirals in orange, red and variegated yellow threads. (Note to self, work on your spiral quilting!!) I plan to use another shade of purple to bind this quilt, I used a deep red wine colour for the backing. Next time I make this quilt, and yes, there will be a next time, I’m going to make sure I have enough fabric!!

If you want to make a Fractured quilt of your own, the tutorial is here and the Flickr group is here.

I think the only sewing I’ll accomplish tomorrow is binding this quilt, the rest of the day will be spent rearranging my sewing space as we’re adding a WaterRower to our workout arsenal, nice low impact exercise for your entire body, YAY!


Fractured progress

Bending Pins: Fractures Progress

I had all my fabrics chosen before I started paper piecing.

Bending Pins: Fractured Progress

When I started working on the first border of blues, I wasn’t sure about the blend from reds/oranges to blues however, second border includes a deep rich purple which I think will marry the reds with the blues. We’ll find out tomorrow!

{Flickr Group} {Tutorial}

I love working with tracing paper, it’s super easy to tear off and being able to see through it is a bonus. When I grabbed a pen to mark the pieces, little did I know it wasn’t permanent! When the fabric got wet — I wet my seams to make them lay fatter — the ink ran a little. I’m trying to control the damage by spot cleaning. I made a few mistakes which were easy to correct, this is such a free flowing project, I want to make more quilts like this! I’ve seen some using printed fabrics but I find they’re not as striking. I may gift this to a friend in the hospital with serious head trauma, I’m hoping it’ll stimulate his brain. Hospitals have no colour and in general, depressing.

In cheerier news, look what I received in the mail today!!

This is a little order from Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts, how cute is the packaging?!  And the cuteness doesn’t stop there!

Waiting For Spring

Waiting For Spring

My fabric choices were a real ying-yang moment, the first is a very feminine curated bundle by Jennie of Clover and Violet, aptly named “Waiting for Spring“, all of which are from the Honey Honey line. The colours are soft and gentle, very feminine and girly.

The second bundle is very masculine, another curated bundel by Jenelle of Echinops and Aster called “Northern Lights“. Take out the pink and you have a guy’s quilt.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This is the first time I’ve purchased anything from Sew Lux Fabric and really appreciate the care and detail they put into their packaging.

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Fleurs de la neige

Originally Les Fleurs Bleu, I thought it appropriate to rename this quilt since I finished it in the middle of a blizzard.


Les fleurs de la neige

Feb. 8, 2013 Snow Storm

I used Spa by Deb Strain and Kona White for the sashing. For the back of the quilt, I used the same fabric as the outer border then stitched in the ditch around the flowers. I’ve learned that the less you stitch, the softer the quilt and I like my quilts soft and snuggly! It measures 77.5″ long by 60.5″ wide, a great size for a twin bed or snuggling on the sofa. I finished the top in August and sandwiched it shortly thereafter but it’s been on the rack ever since.  Yesterday I decided to get my ass in gear to finish some quilts!

It’s a great day for quilting!

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