Fabricland Sale

Attention all Canadians, Fabricland is going to have a birthday sale from April 15th to May 5th! We’re going to be picking up blackout curtains for our photo studio, maybe some white vinyl for photo backgrounds and perhaps some outdoor or home decor fabric and big chunky curtain grommets for swank bags. Sadly their cash registers are archaic and the lineups at both the cutting tables and cashes can be long but the savings will be awesome. I’m thinking of white denim with black trim and maybe some colour blocking. Oh, and I need a whole lot of interfacing!!!

My Emmaline bowling bag is almost finished, hopefully I’ll have something to show you this weekend, my hardware just arrived today!

Happy accidents & super flat seams

While I was cutting my Oh Deer! jelly roll strips, I had some happy accidents happen.


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m using water, applied with a paint brush on seams then pressing with a dry iron to make them flatter, it works beautifully!

Now that all my two-piece blocks are sewn and cut I’m sewing 320 4-patch blocks today, I’d love to get them finished but it doesn’t seem likely, too many other things to do today.

Fabricland is having a member’s sale today till Saturday, 50% off everything in store! I hope to purchase cotton canvas to make a pressing surface and velcro leaders for my quilt frame. I noticed in their flyer that they also have wool batting on sale, many professional quilters use it for show pieces, I’d love to try working with it! Have you used wool batting? Did you wash it? How did it turn out??

Check out today’s tutorial at Quilt Story.

A Girl’s Day

Tara, from SewTara.com swung by yesterday for a little visit and some sewing fun. She brought along a cute yellow jersey fabric with tiny little hearts and whipped up my favorite easy peasy 1 hour drawstring skirt. She did a great job, doesn’t it look cute?

I managed to finish up a few drawstrings for skirts I’d already made and created one more triangle as well as cut a slew of strips and centers.

At noon we hopped in the car and drove to Fabricland where Tara bought a sweet yellow and turquoise Dear Stella leaf print to make another easy drawstring skirt and I grabbed some Warm & Natural for 50% off.  After filling our tummies with all you can eat sushi, we returned to my place and jumped into the wading pool to cool off. We had a lot of fun gabbing and doing sewey stuff and hope to do it again next month.

Click to enlarge.

Today I plan to make more triangles, piece the backing for my In Reverse quilt and maybe even start another new project.

Fabric Sale!

100% cotton sateen

Today Fabricland had a 40% off member’s sale and had just received a big selection of fabulous spring cottons! However, the first thing I grabbed was over 6 meters of purple cotton sateen from the discontinued sale table for just $5.0o per meter @ 150cm wide. I am in love with this fabric, especially the bright gold accent. The plan is to make the infamous McCall’s trench (#5525), I’m considering cutting the entire coat on the bias because of the short repeat. Am I mad? (Click on the images for a larger view.)

I also purchased 4 meters of this 100% cotton madras to which TDF said, “Ah, more PJ material.” ARG!! I’m going to make a shirt with it regardless but guess what?! TDF had one of his old buddies over this afternoon and he was BRAGGING about his paisley shirt — the one he won’t wear in public because it’s too loud,  and corduroy jacket. I was in heaven. 😀

I had my hair cut this afternoon and I just couldn’t help myself, I just had to stop at Fabricland again as it was on my way home and I forgot to pick-up a sleeve board. This awesome striped/paisley “quilting” cotton jumped out and grabbed me, I couldn’t resist. I’m going to do some serious pattern matching with this fabric, back, fronts, yokes, no short cuts for me.

I examined the dress forms, they had two models in the store, the Diana and the True Form. There wasn’t much padding on either and they were very wobbly. light, flimsy with thin plastic. The suggested retail price was $500.00! If I had $500.00 to spend on a dress form, I certainly wouldn’t buy one of those cheap models. If I can’t find a Dritz in Toronto, I’ll order My Double from Montreal


Loose Threads & New Projects

Bruda 7419

Before I start on yet another shirt, I need to hem the sleeves, make button holes, select buttons and sew them on to the paisley shirt. As well, I need to hem the sleeves on TDF’s spring coat & add snaps as the weather is getting warmer and he needs a transitional coat.

For the next Robert Graham-esque inspired shirt, I’m planing on using this crazy grouping of quilting fabrics but I’m not 100% sold on this combination. If you hold your hand over the spirals, you’ll see that the stripes and block go nicely together. If you hold your hand over the blocks, you’ll see that the spirals and stripes go well together but all three together might be too much. I have some solid turquoise left over from the paisley shirt which might be a good alternative.

Please let me know what you think of this fabric combination, love it? Hate it?

There’s another member’s sale at Fabricland this weekend, I need to purchase a tailor’s curve so now’s the time not to mention embroidery thread! Apparently they have some new fabrics  which I’ll have to check out.

McCall's 5525

Awhile ago, I picked up the fabulous trench pattern, McCall’s 5525 and now’s the time to get started on that as well! I have a stretch cotton in a similar colour to the pattern image but it’s so B-O-R-I-N-G! It uses almost 4 meters of fabric (5 5/8 yards),  so I want to make the right choice, fun but not crazy lady! Any suggestions?


This past weekend I went to Fabricland with the intension of selecting a few different fabrics to make my first quilt, a lap quilt for the sofa.

And that’s as far as I got.

My local Fabricland location doesn’t focus on quilting but rather fashion and decor so the colour selection wasn’t spectacular. And to be quite frank, I didn’t know how to start selecting fabric. Do you purchase a main fabric then go from there or do you select your colour palette first?

I’ve been spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos from the Missouri Star Quilt Co., the quality of their videos is great and their tutorials are easy enough for a beginner like me! Sure, a lot of their videos are promotions for items sold in the store but why not?

Also check out piece and press, Dan is a relative newbie at quilting but his creations are fantastic!

piece and press' asymmetrical table runner

piece and press birthday pillow

piece and press wedding quilt

Check out Dan’s blog and Flickr account for more quilting goodness!

Burda 7419, Men’s (Field) Coat, Post #3

I continued working on M’s field coat after work today, and it is a lot of (pleasurable) work!  Due to the batting, each seam is based first, then sewed, then top stitched! It really isn’t difficult, it’s just time consuming. I’ve completed the back, right and left front. Tomorrow I’ll start on the sleeves which are comprised of THREE pieces! I really like the gold thread with the brown cord. Photos will come this weekend.

M wants a new pair of jammies. I gave him the line-up — coat then shirt then pj bottoms, in that order. I hope to drag him to Fabricland this weekend to pick out a shirt fabric. I received notification today that my Colette pattern has shipped today, I should receive it in 2 weeks at the latest.