Progress is slow

Today we had brunch at the Royal Tea House, I think they hired a new chef because everything was extra delicious! This fabric was used on a bag I saw at the Pacific Mall in Markham, no, I didn’t buy the bag but I would have loved to have purchased the fabric if it were available! I love the little cactus girls as well as the milk carton and milk bottles with horns. Where is the connection between cows and cactus? Cactus milk of course!

Yesterday we drove through St. Catherines, Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls. We brought the Pugs with us but it was a big mistake, it was 33c, far too hot for them to walk around. More hexies were sewn on our drive to and from the region, a 2+ hour drive each way.


Last weekend I pieced together the Dresden Plate table runner I’m making for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday at the end of October, I don’t know how I’m going to quilt it, I don’t want to echo the plates as I did in my pillow. Suggestions?

Also working on the Spin Dr. Seuss QAYG baby blanket, I need more green dot for sashing, thought I had more but don’t, damn!

More Cow Bell!

I need more blue.

Hexie Quilt in Progress

Way more...

Will use the Amy Butler fabric.

Sorry, until it the weekend, that’s all I’ve got.

Mo Hexies

All I’ve been able to accomplish lately is hand sewing hexies, the weather is still too nice to sit and sew in the basement, especially when I know that cooler weather is on it’s way and will be here for a long time. But still, I’m done with the sun beating down on me, I need relief.

Designer Hexies

I feel so decadent using designer fabrics for hexies like Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom, Tula Pink’s Pince Charming, Melissa Averinos’ now out of print Swoon and Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms. I’d like to incorporate Cathedral Windows into this configuration for something off the beaten path.

Dresden Plate #2: Table Runner

Mum will be getting her table runner / topper / lap quilt / whatever, today. She thinks she’s getting a skirt, won’t she be surprised!

My Mother-in-Law’s birthday is coming up in October and I’ve decided to make a Dresden Plate table runner using Moda’s Dogwood Trail. After dinner Monday, I cut the pieces and all are ready for sewing. I see a piece or two that needs to be shuffled…

WIP Dresden Plate in Dogwood Trail

I’ve started working on a modified hexie (by hand of course) which I’ll add to my hexie array, based on Summerfete’s fussy cut hexie which really caught my eye. I’m beginning with Joel Dewberry’s herringbone in pond, a favorite of many. We’ll see where that goes and how it fits into my ongoing hexie project. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have enough for a quilt!

I’m not a member of WIP Wednesdays but I still have works in progress besides the ones I’ve already mentioned including my Spin Doctor Seuss baby quilt, disappearing 9 patch using the 1930’s reproduction fabrics and matching cathedral window pillow.

When Joel Met Tula

Don’t they make a lovely couple? Their personalities blend and complement each other yet they keep their own identities. Delightful I think! I’m going to introduce them to a Sea Garden where they can dance amongst cranberry, cherry waves.

An Heirloom in Parisville

August Hexies

Hexies Gone Wild

I’ve started woking on my hexies again and I still don’t know what I’m going to make out of them. The nice part about hexies and hand sewing, is you can always remove a piece and replace it, it’s not a rush project, just something that I can take anywhere, especially on the train to and from work and never a waste of time.

German/Austrian Stylin’

Okay, okay, this is the last time I’m going to share my bed quilt plans and fabrics until I actually start working on them, probably after Xmas. Here’s what I mean about the German/Austrian style of bed, two duvets on a double, queen or king size bed so you never have to fight over the blankets again.

Euro Stylin

I did a bit of fabric editing, adding more Heirloom and removing Patricia Bravo, Modern Affair, Peacock Eye in Orange — the tone just wasn’t right, I also took out Joel Dewberry’s Flower Fields in Sunset as well as Bloom, Bark which could reappear in a pillow.

Final Fabric Selection

Now I wait for the rain and cooler weather so I don’t have to feel guilty when I’m in the basement sewing.

Hexie Progress

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it once it’s all sewn together but I like it.  Maybe a table mat…

Wrong side of hexies

Hexies sewn together

Full hexie design


It could be a block in a larger quilt… I plan to quilt it by hand. Tomorrow I’m off to Your #1 Sewing Centre in Campbellford where I bought my Janome coverstitch machine, hope they have some good fabrics!