Japanese fabric from China

This evening I received some “Japanese” linen fabric I ordered off Etsy from China. I was dubious but the prints were original, the prices were good and the shipping was super inexpensive. Though the English was a bit broken, communication was fairly good, they were great in telling me when my fabric would ship and were true to their word. Considering this fabric was shipped from China, it only took 3 weeks to get here, not bad!

Chinese Japanese fabrics

This first bundle was purchased as a set, each piece was sold as fat quarters approximately 19″ x 17″. I measured each piece and were all a very generous 20″ x 18 1/2″ and larger however, it seemed like the patterns were silk screened as it felt very thick and rubbery like ink, not dye. All are in the washer (on cold) as I speak, we’ll see how they turn out.

These other fabrics are fantastic, I love everything about them, they feel “genuine”.



I love this last fabric panel but sadly there’s some sort of stain on it and it came with dirt smudges on it. I’ve asked the seller what she proposes to do about it because I really don’t know! When I purchase an item from Etsy, I don’t expect it to arrive dirty and stained!!


I probably won’t order from this vendor again, I’d give them a 50% grade depending on how that group of dots and ginghams come out of the washer. If the colour cracks, I know it’s not dyed and I’m somewhat diappointed that the gingham isn’t yarn dyed. Live and learn, good thing I didn’t spend a lot of money on them.

WIP Wednesday: Hand Picked Zipper

Bending Pins: Hand Picked Zipper

There are just 3 more full working days before I leave for Germany on vacation so my WIPs are few. I just started a zippy pouch to bring along with me and because I didn’t want to spend the evening in the basement alone, I thought I’d hand pick the zipper with glass beads. Tomorrow is the last evening I have to lounge, Thursday we’re taking the pugs to the sitter {ack, worry!!} who lives an hour away but the most trusted person we know who can take care of an incontinent, aging pug who’s back legs give out on him from time to time.

My other WIP is the Back Yard Baby quilt I started — it seems just a month ago (??) but I just found out she’s 8 & 1/2 months pregnant — where did the time go? I have a lot of quilting to do when I return!

My Mom reads my blog so I just wanted to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day in advance, I love you Mom!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Zakka Sweetheart in the Studio

Saturday I purchased 2 meters of white nylon fabric to use as a background for my photos in the hopes that my bg whites would be white! After work this afternoon, I tried it out with my my Zakka style Sweetheart Shopper…

Bending Pins Zakka Style
Bending Pins Zakka Style
Bending Pins Zakka Style
Bending Pins Zakka Style
Bending Pins Zakka Style

Honestly, I think I need a couple more powerful lights, I want my items to appear as though they’re floating without the distraction of shadows or being washed out. My backgrounds still aren’t as white as I’d like, I’m shooting in JPEG, not raw. I think I also have to work with the aperture settings.

Photography aside, enjoy the Zakka style bag details.

FOUR more days!

Keyka Lou Zakka Style!

Bending Pins Zakka Style

Can I tell you how much I love this bag?! I used Keyka Lou’s Sweetheart shopper and added my own Zakka style. I love this pattern because there’s so much you can add to it to make it your own, the little window with the hedgehogs, the expandable outside pocket with snap and the marching hedgehogs on the trim and last but not least, the dense quilting on front and back.

Bending Pins Zakka Style Bag

FIVE days till I’m in Bremen, FIVE DAYS!!!

Fabulous Fabric

Have I used that title before? Ah well, it never gets old!

This is one of Tula Pink’s earlier works, Plume, released in the fall of 2009 before I started quilting and simply stunning, IMO. I won’t lie, it’s expensive if you can find it, typically on Etsy. And speaking of rare fabrics, I also purchased this rare set:

I can’t believe how soft this fabric is, it almost feels like voile! I think I’m going to make myself little zippy pouches and Michelle Patterns pouches with it, just for myself and perhaps as gifts for special bloggy friends. 😀

I finally broke down and got some Far Far Away III which I think I’m going to use with this cute tote pattern purchased from Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.

Also from Pinked Fabrics I bought more Happy Mochi Yum Yum and this adorable grossgrain ribbon.

I don’t think I’m all bagged out yet, there may be one or two left in me but they may have to wait till I get back from vacation, 11 more days if you’re counting along with me.

Denim & Ruby Bag

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic and positive comments on my Denim & Ruby Skirt Bag, I think this is the one I’m going to take to Germany with me but I’m going to add a magnetic snap. I’m also going to make another with an inset zipper at some point (don’t think I’ll have time this weekend).


Other naughty shopping items I’m waiting for are pearl snaps and Japanese linens (from China). Will keep you posted on shipping and quality when they arrive.

Have a great week, let’s hope it goes by quickly!


Keyka Lou Messenger Bag

Japanese Linen Messenger Bag

I’ve made a few Keyka Lou patterns before, they’re very well written and easy to follow with great results. This is the first time I’ve tried the Messenger Bag, I wanted a new purse to take to Germany with me, something that would fit my iPad, wallet and zippy bag. Unfortunately, this one is a little smaller than I wanted. I used an oatmeal coloured linen for the main body of the bag, I bought 5 meters last year and have used it in several different projects, it has a wonderfully subtle herringbone weave to it,it’s soft and doesn’t wrinkle as easily as some other linens. Many will recognize the other fabrics I used for this bag, Echino linen for the flap and Happy Mochi Yum Yum for the interior.

I made a few modifications to this pattern, I added an pocket to the front flap and made two large interior pockets instead of two pen size and one large. Altogether, this bag has 7 pockets in total! I love me a lot of pockets, easier to keep things organized.

Now available in my Etsy Shop.