Michelle Patterns Idea Pouch

Bending Pins: Idea PouchThis past weekend, on a whim, I decided to purchase and make Michelle Patterns’ Idea Pouch, a new pattern which is well padded to hold an iPad or notebook if, you’re old school. Rummaging through my fabric drawers I stumbled upon Crafty Chloe by Heather Ross which I purchased last summer and thought it would be perfect for a creative young girl with big dreams. And I couldn’t possibly let this project escape a little Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry.

Michelle Patterns are extremely well written and illustrated with full colour photos, this was no exception. After preparing the fabric and cutting out the pieces, this pouch was quick and easy to whip together. When I’m working with fleece in a pattern like this, I always cut it 1/2″ smaller than the pattern so that the seams are easier to sew and mostly bulk free. If some of the fleece gets caught in the seam I’ll trim it as closely to the seam as possible without snipping stitches.

If you’d like to make an Idea Pouch for yourself, you can purchase the pattern from Michelle Patterns.

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Idea Pouch Open   Idea Pouch Open   

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Quilt Top Outdoor Photos

I thought I needed better photos of my WIPs outdoors and my neighbor’s fence with the wind duck was a perfect setting today. I haven’t decided on a backing for this but I know I’m going to quilt loops, can’t wait! (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Scattered Squares

Still waiting for Deb Strain’s Spa to be released in yardage so I can finish this quilt!

Les Fleurs Bleu

Today I made A Quilter’s Table Tripple-Zip Pouch from her great tutorial. Next time I make this I’m going to use interfacing instead of batting which I find too thick. I had to order more zippers today, I’m running out!

Triple-Zip Pouch

I think the next project I’m going to attempt is Michelle Patterns’ Padded Camera Pouch, I know a few people who might like them for Xmas. 😀

Little things

After piecing together another quilt top this month I wanted to have fun with little things.

This is the last little pouch I made today, I tied to match the pattern on the flap with the pattern on the front, I think I was very close to being successful.

I also used the same fabric on the inside and again, matched the pattern with the front of the bubble. Disegard the opening at the bottom of the pouch, I haven’t closed the seam yet. This is an old Keyka Lou (now Michelle Patterns) pattern. I like snaps more than velcro.

Here’s another old retired Michelle Pattern, the Zipper Pocket Pouch made with Brrr by Laurie Wishbrun. I LOVE that polarbear!

It was a good day! 😀 Hope your weekend is going well too.



Keyka Lou Zakka Style!

Bending Pins Zakka Style

Can I tell you how much I love this bag?! I used Keyka Lou’s Sweetheart shopper and added my own Zakka style. I love this pattern because there’s so much you can add to it to make it your own, the little window with the hedgehogs, the expandable outside pocket with snap and the marching hedgehogs on the trim and last but not least, the dense quilting on front and back.

Bending Pins Zakka Style Bag

FIVE days till I’m in Bremen, FIVE DAYS!!!

Sweetheart Shopper

Hello, my name is Tabatha and I’m addicted to making Michelle Patterns bags. I’m starting another, this one is the Sweetheart Shopper, a semi-retired yet adorable mid sized bag. I wish I could use more denim and Ruby by Bonnie and Camille but I’m all out of that floral print (make a note Amy, I’ll be coming to you for more!!).  I think I’m going to use a natural linen with more embellishments and details.

Earlier in April I purchased a Spring bundle and a scrap bag on sale at Fig Tree & Co. and completely forgot about it. This is a line and designer I’ve never tried before. “Gentle” is not a word I’d use for myself, I’m too clumsy for that and typically prefer primary and secondary colours over pastels. This fabric however, is gentle and sweet with a vintage feel. I think it’ll be perfect for some Zakka style projects.

The scraps that were stuffed into a plastic bag were astounding. Lovely huge pieces and plenty of them! I believe I could actually make a baby quilt with all these scraps! This is a great way to sample fabric, I wish more designers would offer this option because as a result of being able to see and touch these scraps in person, I’m going to order a few of these prints in yardage.

One of the prints I find really interesting is the silhouette of children playing on a patterned background. I love the little rose prints and those strawberries could be fussy cut for many different projects.

There were so many scraps in this bag that they managed to cover my entire dining room table!!

Nine more days till our flight leaves, 8 working days!

Fabulous Fabric

Have I used that title before? Ah well, it never gets old!

This is one of Tula Pink’s earlier works, Plume, released in the fall of 2009 before I started quilting and simply stunning, IMO. I won’t lie, it’s expensive if you can find it, typically on Etsy. And speaking of rare fabrics, I also purchased this rare set:

I can’t believe how soft this fabric is, it almost feels like voile! I think I’m going to make myself little zippy pouches and Michelle Patterns pouches with it, just for myself and perhaps as gifts for special bloggy friends. 😀

I finally broke down and got some Far Far Away III which I think I’m going to use with this cute tote pattern purchased from Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.

Also from Pinked Fabrics I bought more Happy Mochi Yum Yum and this adorable grossgrain ribbon.

I don’t think I’m all bagged out yet, there may be one or two left in me but they may have to wait till I get back from vacation, 11 more days if you’re counting along with me.

Denim & Ruby Bag

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic and positive comments on my Denim & Ruby Skirt Bag, I think this is the one I’m going to take to Germany with me but I’m going to add a magnetic snap. I’m also going to make another with an inset zipper at some point (don’t think I’ll have time this weekend).


Other naughty shopping items I’m waiting for are pearl snaps and Japanese linens (from China). Will keep you posted on shipping and quality when they arrive.

Have a great week, let’s hope it goes by quickly!


Sun and Sea in a Bucket Bag

I finally cut into my cherished Tula Pink Poseidon stash to make this bag. This is another fun pattern by Michelle (previously Keyka Lou) I bought last weekend. It goes together very quickly once you have all the pieces cut out. I really like using plain cotton instead of fusible interfacing, it allows the fabric to remain soft but still gives it enough structure to stand on its own.

After making the bag, DH and I spent three + hours planting four new cedar trees in the front yard and spreading top soil on the lawn. It’s been awhile since I did that much yard work and my entire body is aching, even my finger nails!

This is the last really productive weekend for awhile, next weekend my son is coming to visit then we’re off to Germany the following Friday. I’ll be blogging on the road during our vacation and will try to get as much sewing related info as I can.

I hope you all had a wonderful and  productive weekend too!