Granny Square Quilted Skirt

I was able to finish two skirts this weekend, this is the Granny Square Quilted skirt. As previously mentioned, the squares were cut 5″ and pieced. I layered a piece of white muslin under the block then cut out the pattern and quilted them together with straight lines 1/2″ on either side of the block seams and repeated for the other side of the skirt. I bound the hem as you would a quilt and used jellyroll strips of Kona white for the waist. For the draw string, I cut 1 & 1/2″ strips of fabric, joined them then pressed in half and pressed the raw edges in toward the fold. There is a piece of elastic approximately 13″ joining the two drawstrings in the back which makes for a better fit.

I used Ruby by Bonnie and Camille as well as Picnic and Fairgrounds by Denyse Schmidt as well as a charm pack of Kona white. This skirt is a little stiff but I think it’ll soften up after a few washings.

For the second skirt, I used a linen/cotton blend from Melody Miller, Ruby Star Rising and the same pattern though instead of creating Granny Square blocks, I inserted a contrasting strip fron the same line. I LOVE this fabric, the weight is light and airy and I love working with it.

Sorry, no iPad tutorial this weekend, my appologies. I had inserted the zipper a different way and prefer the invisible zipper.

Sew Happy Geek

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Granny Square Quilted Skirt

Grranny Square Quilted Skirt

This skirt is taking longer than expected but I love it! I used 5″ squares to create the block, traced the skirt pattern onto wax paper and positioned it over the fabric. I had to add a few squares on the sides and layered a piece of white Kona muslin underneath the block and cut the two out at the same time. I cut the front and back out separately, one side is predominantly red while the other is predominantly turquoise — there is no front or back to this skirt.

I quilted the block and the muslin together using a straight stitch 1/4″ on each side of the block seams and repeated this step for the back. Once the quilting was complete, I sewed up the sides of the skirt.

I’m going to add a 2″ band at the bottom but haven’t decided whether I should use a solid or a print.

In other news, I finished my Bear Paw block, hurray! After I resized the corner pieces, everything fell into place.

Hair cut today, W00t! Have a great Saturday everyone!


Flea Market Fancy Skirt

I know it doesn’t look like much on a hanger but this is my tried and true super simple, super fast draw string skirt. I used New Look 6494 for the pattern and added a 2″ border on the bottom.

For the main skirt piece, I used Flea Market Fancy Eyelet in Grey and for the border, Posie in grey. I thought about appliqueing a big raw edged flower off centre but changed my mind and kept this one simple and formal enough to wear to work.

I’d like to make a patch work skirt as well, perhaps using Granny Squares blocks? I love how these are turning out and completely understand the fasination that’s going on with them right now.

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Yesterday was a huge traffic day here at Bending Pins, being featured in Craftsy’s Newsletter gave me a huge boost but many were looking for a tutorial on my Japanese Linen iPad case. Sadly I didn’t have one prepared because I didn’t know it was going to become so popular! I worked on a tutorial all day yesterday but wasn’t able to get it finished. I will endeavor to get one done for next Sunday since it’ll be a long weekend, YAY!!

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