New photo studio

My husband has decided to ramp up his photography from a hobby to a profession and I am grateful to be a recipient of his talents and pro gear!

Studio Set-up


Steph in the City bag

Steph in the City Bag – pattern by

The Necessary Clutch, pattern by

The Necessary Clutch, pattern by

Leaf Basket

Quilted Basket – Pattern by

The Necessary Clutch - Pattern by

The Necessary Clutch – Pattern by

There’s a little more gear to purchase like a 9 foot paper background, stands and reflectors but he’s getting there! All photos (c)

I’m working on bowling bag pattern, just waiting for the hardware to finish, coming soon!


Shoo-Fly in Progress

Though the Shoo-Fly block isn’t particularity hard, there are a lot of little pieces and a lot of piecing. This is just one of four that make up the full 6″ block. I used a penny to demonstrate how small the finished squares are. I think the traditional blocks are all two colour but I’m going to use three, I feel you loose the pattern with just two colours but what do I know?

Thursday we brought Cookie in for surgery, she had a little growth removed from her upper eyelid which, in this breed, could irritate the cornea causing an ulcer. She had an ulcer in the right eye, zero tear production and Pigmentary Keratitis which leaves her with only 40% vision in that eye. Typical Pug problems. ūüė¶

She has to wear the “cone of shame” for a minimum of 10 days, though she doesn’t try to remove it, she hates it and is very inactive with it on. We have to take it off for her to eat and go to the bathroom, otherwise she just stands staring at us with a pathetic look as though to say, “Why are you doing this too me? What did I do wrong??” Usually she a very silly, happy go lucky girl, I hate to see her so down in the dumps.

Winston, on the other hand, though 15 years old, is still goofy, blind as a bat (only sees shadows) due to cateracts and wobbly back legs which seems to be neurologic but thankfully isn’t in any pain. We don’t know how many years he has left in him so we’ll just love him one day at a time.

What am I going to sew this weekend?

Any suggestions? I’ll definitely work on a few more Pezzy blocks while I wait for my Pezzy jelly roll, I have more half square triangles to make for our own personal quilt and maybe I’ll give the circle of geese one more shot. (WIP post here.)

a doodle from workI was surfing around on my lunch break today and came across a few blocks I’d like to try. I love the Lynne Bob Square Pants block and this Zombie Bob Square Pants pillow. I adore the Lattice Work quilt at Freshly Pieced, I think my newly acquired fabrics would look fantastic with this pattern! Maybe I’ll make a lattice work pillow.

I was doodling while on the phone today and thought it would make a cool, mid century modern quilt (without the letter ‘a’).

One other thing I’d like to do this weekend is give my new ¬†Aurifil thread a run for it’s ¬†(my?) money!

I wanted to add a little ode to our old Pug puppy Winston, he’ll be 15 this July. We adopted him from a rescue organization when he was 5 years old. He was suffering from severe allergies, his life consisted of scratching himself bloody and was mostly hairless. As a last resort, after umpteen different medications and special commercial diets, he was put on a raw chicken diet. He quickly improved without any medications, his fur started to grow back and the itching stopped. We continued the raw food diet and extended it to our other pets. Eight + years later he’s mostly def, almost completely blind from¬†cataracts and isn’t as spry as he used to be¬†but he still goofs off, waggles his tail and enjoys his bones. We don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us but we’re hoping at least a year if not longer. ¬†Many people think Pugs are ugly but to us, they’re perfect and whether you love them or not, they always think you’re the best person in the world and will always be your friend. Pugs were bred to be companion dogs and they do their job exceptionally well.

To Embroider or not to Embroider?

Embroidered Hexies

Well, what do you think? I like the turquoise herringbone stitch, not so much the¬†fuchsia¬†but maybe it’s just the straight stitch? I also like them without embroidery…

SewTara and I are planning to get together once a month this winter, to sew together, it was Tara’s idea and I’m looking forward to it!

This is Winston (and DH in the background) whom we adopted from Peachy Pug Rescue. He joined us when he was 6, he’s 14 years old now and healthy with the exception of (easily controlled) food allergies. He’s been a wonderful companion and I hope he’s with us for another few more years. We adopted another Pug a year after we adopted Winston, Cookie, she was two at the time. She’s 9 now, full of beans and a little on the chubby side, like her Mom. ;D Adopting a mature dog is great, they come pre-trained and our two have had no problems bonding with us.

Winston @ 14 years old

What do you think of the new camera?

An hour is not long enough!

After getting home this evening, I went straight to the basement to finish cutting out my Burda Men’s Coat pattern and sew… Well, I did sew but not the pattern, tests only.

I loaded the bobbin with all purpose Gutermann thread, installed a fresh universal needle and sewed through two layers of the corduroy without trouble. Challenging the Sapphire 850, I changed the needle to a top stitching needle and thread and sewed through two layers of corduroy, two layers of flannel with the batting sandwiched in between. Honestly, she chugged a little bit but the stitch quality is perfect on both sides of the fabric.

Out of curiosity, I tried the same test on the Brother HE-240 embroidery machine. Sadly, it was an epic fail. The stitch length was inconsistent and the bobbin thread got all messed up. I’m not going to waste any time trying to make it right, this project has been delayed enough without messing with tension on a machine I’ve had for two weeks.

A strange thing happened to my fabric after washing, it come out of the dryer with a crinkle effect, which works for this project but imagine this didn’t coincide with your project, what would you do?? Would you bring the fabric back to the store and demand a refund?

And sadly, that’s as far as I got. I ate dinner and cleaned the kitchen ¬†before performing the second test and didn’t bother moving forward from there. Winston, our 13 year old Pug, is loosing his eye sight and his common sense. He has started a new habit of peeing on anything in the basement so before leaving, I have to put everything away and all the chairs on the table. It’s not so bad since the floor of tiled and clean-up is easy, you just can’t leave anything out. A good habit I suppose but time consuming, especially when you don’t have a lot of time.

Winston on his 13th birthday.

Cats and Dogs

Aelish (Devon Rex Cat), Cookie & Winson