Quilt as You Go Urban Lattice

If you visited yesterday, you might (or might not) have noticed that I created a new page for tutorials up there, in the navigation bar.  This is my first “formal” tutorial and it’s only for one block. If you do try this, please let me know what you think of my instructions and if there are any errors or typos.

This block goes together easily and quickly, especially if you cut your fabrics and batting ahead of time. The above block, which is comprised of 4 12″ x 12″ blocks,  finishes at 24″ x 24″, I don’t have enough fabric for a full quilt so I’m just going to make yet another cushion cover (they’re really starting to pile up around here!).  This is one instance where fusible batting really came in handy!


Yesterday I was ruminating on what to sew this weekend and mentioned that I really love the Urban Lattice quilt. After reading the instructions for the sew along, I wondered why they paper pieced such a simple block, was it because everything was on the bias? This morning I was reviewing the quilt as you go sew along tutorial when it occurred to me that you could simply use batting to stabilize the bias lattice blocks and quilt as you go instead of paper piecing, skipping the step of tearing out the paper, which drives me crazy (and often pulls out stitches in the process). I’m sure I’m not the first (or last) person to think of this but it was a eureka moment for me. 😀

So, my plan for this weekend is to make four lattice QAYG blocks using some of my new fabrics, to make a pillow cover and experiment with colours. I’m cruising through the Urban Lattice Flicker group and taking note of the quilts I like best. Most use colours for the centre square of the lattice and solids for the border and thinner lattice work. There were a few quilts that used tones to give the second diamond a three dimensional effect which I really liked. I wasn’t fond of the tiny centre diamonds surrounded by a lot of solids but that’s just me.

What if you created a scrappy lattice quilt, what would that look like? What if the inner diamond was sold and the surrounding diamond was scrappy? What if you used a non-solid for the thin lattice lines? What if those lines were fatter?

Is anyone interested in a quilt as you go urban lattice tutorial or quilt along?

I think I’m going to have fun this weekend, one more sleep!!


Bravo Blocks & Botanika Pillows

I had some lovely sewing time to myself this weekend and was able to get some projects started.

Botanika & Aviary 2

I had a lot of fun working on these pillow covers using Paula Prass’ Wing Study in Pastille and Joel Dewberry’s Woodgrain in dill, the dill really picks up the green in the bird, a nice combination, IMO.

Paula Prass' Wing Study & Joel Dewberry's Herringbone

Another awesome combination is Paula Prass’ Wing Study in Pastille & Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone in Pond, it’s an exact match for the blue in the bird’s crown. The brown I’m using in these pillows was actually linen curtains from our bedroom. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, we just wanted a change in decor.

I was also able to make a few block using my beloved Patricia Bravo collection. I really fell in love with this Brick Wall quilt by Shape Moth, who entered it in the Celebrate Color party. The blocks are very simple but I love the results. I’ll be using the ever popular Kona Ash for my sashing and will attempt to QAYG. They kinda look like placemats laid out in this photo, hmmm…

Bravo Blocks

There’s no rush for me to finish this quilt as it’s just to snuggle in and watch tv.

Wile I was sewing today, I watched the pilot episode of the X Files on NetFlix. I was a huge fan of the show in it’s hey-day but had never seen the first episode. Agent Scullie’s first outfit was hideous, an oversized suit, big and baggy, ug! Funny.  😀

Burn Out

I was forced out of bed this morning by hungry pets at 6:00 a.m., so much for sleeping in.

After catching up on my Google Reader, I headed downstairs to my sewing area to press and fold my recent fabric haul which included Anna Maria Horner’s Aida cloth and Little Apples fat quarters. The only fabric I haven’t washed and pressed is my Echino linen/cotton mixes. FYI, the Aida cloth in grey is a perfect match with Little Apples in Pencil. I’d like to make a pillow or doll quilt with the fabric and embroider a turtle on the Aida. how cute would that be?!

I finally finished my Spin Dr. Seuss baby quilt!


The front is all flannel but I had to use some regular cotton on the back because I didn’t have enough prints and the store was sold out.


Quilt as you go wasn’t easy or fast on this quilt, perhaps because of the whirly gig pattern? I don’t know but it seemed to take forever. I am happy with the results. I should make a matching pillow with the left over scraps.

I really don’t feel like doing much today but lay on the sofa and watch movies. I would really like to make new place mats, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…

Also planning on making gifts for my nieces and nephew.

Hand Quilting Sunday

Hand Stitching Tula Pink's Parisville

Yesterday I decided to make something for myself, DH ordered a Touch Pad for me when HP had a fire sale, it arrived last Thursday and it’s all mine, I don’t have to share! 😛  Tula Pink’s Parisville is one of my very favorite prints, especially Cameo in Sky so I cut out a vignette and put some cotton batting behind, secured it with my cheap wooden hoop and drew a design directly on the fabric with pencil. The fabric design itself is just too detailed and intricate to trace each and every element. I didn’t quilt over the lady’s face but instead outlined it, as well as the ship and her mask.

After quilting around the woman, I turned the hoop around, cut a small slit in the batting and stuffed her face with tiny pieces of batting. It doesn’t really show up well in the photo and it is subtle but I had fun and like it nonetheless.

Keeping it girly, I’m using Melissa Averinos’ Swoon Waves in Cherry {love} on the back and am going to scatter a few of my favorite Parisville Damask Dot in Pomegranate fleurs (an odd number of couse). I have a light pink 14″ zipper I can use, not sure if I’m going to insert the zipper by hand or machine. I love the control I have when I do things by hand.

Another hand sewing project I’m working on is a Dresden Plate table runner for my Mother-in-Law who lives in Bremen, Germany.

Dresden Plate table runner

Because today was so lovely, DH wanted to go for a drive to take photos of the changing leaves so I prepared this project to bring with me. I cut the yellow centers, pressed and pinned them down then sewed them by hand as we drove. I attempted to quilt by hand on either side of each blade but I wasn’t happy with the back. Although my stitches appeared to be straight and even on the top, they were tiny and scattered on the back. Unhappy with the results, I cut the knot and tried again. After a second unsuccessful try, I drew lines on one of  the blades  and attempted to hoop it but my cheap wooden hoop was too small to accomodate the quilt sandwich. For now, this project is on hold until I can make it to our local fabric shop.

Yesterday we met Emily for the first time and gave her the quilt I finished last week. I was able to embroider a circular label and hand stitch it to the quilt in time. Mom and Dad were over the moon and we couldn’t be happier! Emily is absolutely adorable and what a good little girl! She came to the Royal Tea House with us for some delicious dim sum and was an absolute angel. Dad is going to send me a photo of Emily with her quilt for my blog. 😀

Second Quilt Complete!

I finally had some time last weekend, to work on a new baby quilt from start to finish, remarkable! Friday night I started working on the 6 patch QAYG using 30’s reproduction fabrics but I just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I decided to take a cue from Elizabeth and make a quilt-as-you-go HST warm/cool quilt.

I used all of my favourite fabics in this quilt — Tula Pink Parisville & Prince Charming, Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom & Aviary, a tiny bit of Amy Butler, even a little Kaleidoscope.

After I’d sewn a bunch of half square triangles, I arranged them until I found a pattern I’d like then sewed the rows together. I took a piece of fleece and spray basted Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone to one side and ironed it, making sure the fabric was as flat and smooth as possible. I took the first strip and sewed it to the top of the batting then took the second row of hst and, with right sides together, stitched 1/4″ from the bottom of the first row and pressed it down and quilted on either side of the seam. I continued until all rows were sewn on, pressed flat and quilted. I added a little more quilting following the mid diamond shapes. Finally, I used Tula Pink’s Pince Charming for the binding.

This quilt will be a gift for my husband’s colleague’s new baby, Emily. I just finished sewing the binding last night and have had no time to make a label. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, so is hubby, I hope Emily’s Mom & Dad like it too.

Fabic Galore & Plans

My very first Fabric.com order arrived at the office on Monday but I was already at the cottage. A colleague was extraordinarily kind enough to drop it off with my neighbor on Sunday so I had it when I got home today. I measured each piece and more often than not, got a bit more than what was ordered, nice! I had ordered a lot of Joel Dewberry, catching up on everything I’d missed including Deer Valley, Modern Meadow and Aviary 2. Also in this order was a bit of Anna Maria Horner’s LouLouthi, Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms & Daisy Chain as well as Valori Wells’ Wrenly and some Cat in the Hat for children’s gifts.

Fabric.com First Order

I’ve been wanting to make quilts for our king size bed, two doubles instead of one king size, similar to what is used in Europe. Since our house is retro 70’s, I want to sew them up in turquoise and orange using Joel Dewberry’s Sparrows in Aqua as a jumping off point. Tula Pink’s Prince Charming is a perfect match! I haven’t chosen a pattern yet but it’ll be QAYG for straighter quilting lines. I’d like a pattern that shows off the prints as I really love them all! Suggestions are more than welcome.

Bed Quilt Fabrics