Fractured Pieced & Quilted

Bending Pins: Fractured Quilt: Pieced and Quilted


Offsetting the focal point was a good idea because I ran out of my blue fabrics as well as the purple! I quilted spirals in orange, red and variegated yellow threads. (Note to self, work on your spiral quilting!!) I plan to use another shade of purple to bind this quilt, I used a deep red wine colour for the backing. Next time I make this quilt, and yes, there will be a next time, I’m going to make sure I have enough fabric!!

If you want to make a Fractured quilt of your own, the tutorial is here and the Flickr group is here.

I think the only sewing I’ll accomplish tomorrow is binding this quilt, the rest of the day will be spent rearranging my sewing space as we’re adding a WaterRower to our workout arsenal, nice low impact exercise for your entire body, YAY!


Fleurs de la neige

Originally Les Fleurs Bleu, I thought it appropriate to rename this quilt since I finished it in the middle of a blizzard.


Les fleurs de la neige

Feb. 8, 2013 Snow Storm

I used Spa by Deb Strain and Kona White for the sashing. For the back of the quilt, I used the same fabric as the outer border then stitched in the ditch around the flowers. I’ve learned that the less you stitch, the softer the quilt and I like my quilts soft and snuggly! It measures 77.5″ long by 60.5″ wide, a great size for a twin bed or snuggling on the sofa. I finished the top in August and sandwiched it shortly thereafter but it’s been on the rack ever since.  Yesterday I decided to get my ass in gear to finish some quilts!

It’s a great day for quilting!

Linking up to Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday and this week’s host, Kit Lang.

Quilting: Les Fleurs Bleu

I wasn’t sure what to work on today, I have a number of quilts to be quilted and to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating. I started using my Bernina 550 Qi but quickly became frustrated by the tiny throat space so I put her to bed without dinner and got my Juki TL-2000 Qi off the frame and set her up instead. I completely forgot that you’re supposed to put the needle in sideways! It took me about half an hour to figure everything out again, with the use of the manual.

Bending Pins: Juki TL-2000 Qi

What a joy, look at the room I have have to quilt under that throat, I love it! I’m stitching in the ditch around the flowers, not sure if I’m going to do much more than that because the less quilting you do, the softer the quilt. The more quilting, the stiffer the quilt and I like mine soft.

With luck I’ll be binding this beauty tomorrow.

Yesterday I tried another Michelle Patterns clutch but my interfacing is too stiff and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I also worked on my Lucky Stars BOM for February.

Lucky Stars BOM

It’s not perfect but to be honest, I’m not really fond of paper piecing, I find it very awkward and really stiff with the paper. I do like that you can create more intricate designs, certainly designs you wouldn’t be able to make any other way.

Do you like paper piecing? Be honest…

Pretty Quilted Boxes

Bending Pins: Pretty Quilted Boxes

When I saw Noodlehead’s divided basket last week, I knew I had to make one for myself so purchased her pattern immediately. After completing it I looked though all the patterns I had downloaded and found Elizabeth Hartman’s Stack & Nest Quilted Blocks tutorial (pdf here) she had created for Sew Mama Sew and thought I’d combine Noodlehead’s basket handles with Elizabeth’s boxes.

Bending Pins: Pretty Quilted Boxes

Interfacing applied on top of seams.

My process is somewhat different in that I don’t fuse my heavy interfacing or batting onto the project until the basic sewing is done. Even if you cut your interfacing 1/2″ smaller than your fabric, it’s still possible to catch it in the seams. My stiff interfacing crinkles when bent and it has a tendancy to distort the fabric so I used very light interfacing first, then fused the thicker stuff over that. Another benefit of fusing your interfacing after sewing is that you can apply it over your seams to reduce bulk and because my interfacing has glue on both sides, I can fuse the rest of the seams over the interfacing.

Center corners folded inward.

Interfacing applied on top of bottom seams then side seams sewn and fused.

For the outside of the box, I used the same technique — applying the batting after the basic pieces were sewn together, then quilted it in a simple diamond pattern.

Pieces are quilted after initial sewing.

Pieces are quilted after initial sewing.

I made the 1″ wide handles by creating a fabric tube, inserting cotton batting inside and top stitching 1/4″ on either side. The handles are sandwiched between the lining and the outer box then top stitched.

And what’s a shot without a little photo bombing by Cookie?

Cookie the photo bomber!

Cookie the photo bomber!

Bending Pins: Pretty Quilted Boxes

Hand Stitching

Modern Mabel Quilt

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

I finished hand quilting and  binding my Modern Mabel quilt, an ode to my Grandmother and WE love it! All the fabrics except the background (Kona Maise) and backing, a baby blue tiny houndstooth flannel, are by Denyse Schmidt.    I hand quilted it as my Grandmother had 50 years ago when she gave the original to my parents as a wedding gift.

I have a very special attachment to this quilt and think I will make another for sale in my Etsy shop, which is rather empty at the moment.

I also hand quilted my “How many squares?” puzzle block, my entry into the Project Quilting Season 4, first challenge, “Square in a square”  competition. Being a square block, I thought droplet like quilting — the polar oposite of squares, would add interest and movement to the block.

Droplet QuiltingAlthough my stitches aren’t perfect (who’s are??), I really loved quilting with Thimblelady’s needles, they allowed me to fit many more stitches per inch than a regular short quilting needle.  I can’t quilt like Thimblelady yet but I’ll practice!

Someone mentioned I should submit this block for the 100 Blocks magazine, if you have information on this, I’d love to know!!

My girlfriends Andrea and Tara came over yesterday for our very first Durham Modern Quilt and Craft Guild meeting and had a blast. If you’re interested in joining and live in Durham, Ontario, Canada, send me an email and let me know you’re interested in joining us for a great time of chatting and stitching, we’d love to meet you!

Hope you had a great weekend with family or being creative!

xo xo Tabatha


When I Googled “Hand quilting”, one of the results was a YouTube video on Thimblelady. One word describes her perfectly — PHENOMENAL!

So I ordered a package of needles and a plastic thimble to experiment, I didn’t want to initially invest a lot of money, the metal thimbles can be quite expensive and everything is shipped from Australia. I received my little package yesterday and used one of the needles to bind a mini.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Thimblelady’s quilting needles! They’re long, thin and made of surgical steel in Australia, they glide through fabric like a hot knife through butter! I haven’t tried the thimble yet, it’s for actual quilting, not binding a quilt but will write a review once I get the hang of her quilting method.  And before I forget, I have large hands (thanks Dad!), my ring finger is a 9+ and have difficulty finding a thimble that isn’t made for a delicate fairy. Thimblelady’s large thimble fits me perfectly, YAY!

These are the only needles I’ll ever use for quilting, there are 26 in a package so I’ll have enough for awhile!

If you’re blogging, you’re not sewing!

My hands have been busy with hand quilting and sewing and I finally used Gracie Queen quilt frame and Juki TL-2000 Qi but sadly no updated photos yet. It’s been snowing here for a number of days, grey and wet so I have nowhere to take pictures.

What I’ve been up to:

  • Modern Mable  hand quilting complete, I just started putting the binding on today.
  • Parcheesie has finally been bound and ready for it’s new home with my Mom!
  • Chicopee Log Cabin is quilted and waiting for binding. I had some tension problems so there’s loops on the back, it’ll be living on our bed.
  • Les Fleurs Bleu is partially quilted and needs binding.
  • Birds & Berries was quilted on the Gracie Queen frame and I screwed it up so I need to rip out all the quilting!!
  • Star Blossoms is one of my favorite quilts, I don’t have backing fabric for it yet.
  • Oh Deer! doesn’t have a backing yet either.

What’s New?

  • I purchased my first wool batting and I’m so excited to try it out! It’s Hobb’s Tuscany Wool and oh so soft and spongy.
  • I joined my first Flickr Bee, Simply Solids: A Modern {Bee}, looking forward to sending out blocks and choosing one myself!
  • Signed up for “Lucky Stars” paper piecing block of the month.

On the back burner is “Constellation” from Quilter’s Academy Vol.4.

I guess I’ve been busier than I thought!! Happy 2013!