Review: Quilted Hexie Pouch

Quilted Hexie Pouch

When I initially viewed this pattern on Sew Tara’s Friday CreateAlong, I thought it was really cute and I have a drawer of hexies I made last summer that needed using.

To be honest, I sew by the seat of my pants. I feel I’ve made so many patterns, both craft and garment, that I’m able to anticipate the next steps and NEVER read a pattern from beginning to end prior to starting. In fact, I pretty much cut fabric as I go. Despite my loose methods of construction, let me just defend myself by stating that I found several errors in Microsoft’s  tutorials which were confirmed by teachers who had never noticed them before.

My confusion with this pattern started when I was installing the zipper, I worked it out but not before ripping out stitches and calling Tara to discuss. If I were to make this pouch again I would jazz up the back by insetting more hexies or using a different fabric. I would also shorten the strap as I find it a tad too long.

This zippy pouch is a great size, I don’t typically make my pouches with straps but I think I’ll be adding them in the future.

If you’d like to give this pattern a try, you can find the free tutorial on OCD’s blog by the Plaid Scottie.

Next on Sew Tara‘s Friday CreateAlong is the Melinda Zipper Pouch from I Think Sew.

A Girl’s Day

Tara, from swung by yesterday for a little visit and some sewing fun. She brought along a cute yellow jersey fabric with tiny little hearts and whipped up my favorite easy peasy 1 hour drawstring skirt. She did a great job, doesn’t it look cute?

I managed to finish up a few drawstrings for skirts I’d already made and created one more triangle as well as cut a slew of strips and centers.

At noon we hopped in the car and drove to Fabricland where Tara bought a sweet yellow and turquoise Dear Stella leaf print to make another easy drawstring skirt and I grabbed some Warm & Natural for 50% off.  After filling our tummies with all you can eat sushi, we returned to my place and jumped into the wading pool to cool off. We had a lot of fun gabbing and doing sewey stuff and hope to do it again next month.

Click to enlarge.

Today I plan to make more triangles, piece the backing for my In Reverse quilt and maybe even start another new project.

The Way She Sews It

I was mortified yesterday, when I realized that I hadn’t yet blogged about my winnings from P.’s giveaway from The Way I Sew it!

Giveaway Goodies


Not only did I receive a fabulous mug rug but just look at that adorable little Pyrex dish, photo card (P. did you take that shot?) and more than just a fat quarter of juicy fabric. Thank you P.!! That fabric is one that you admire and adore so much you’re afraid to cut into, I LOVE it!

If you haven’t come across P.’s blog yet, you might want to stop by, she’s a collector of all sorts of cool vintage goodies, a talented quilter, a great sense of humor and a fine taste in music!

I was able to get some sewing done today but not near enough. I’m having problems putting the snap on the back of the second pillow I’m making for my sister and haven’t received my fabric order yet. SewTara dropped by today and we had ourselves a little fabric swap, YAY!

Fabric, Fabric, Everywhere!

This past weekend, SewTara and I hit Quilt A Bag where we’d purchased fabric at the CreativFestival, I wanted more wonderful fabric! I’m going to start off with my favorite and most expensive, a meter of Japanese Enchino:

I love the vibrant colours, orange, turquoise, green and orange dominated, what’s not to love? Love the patterns, not so fond of the texture, slightly rough, more on the canvas side than the supple soft cotton side.

I love this Westminster Fibers’ Snow Cuddle, I’m having a love affair with the grey/yellow combination and this fits nicely.

More yellow/grey colour combinations, the mauve and green (top middle) was in a pack and not optional, I wouldn’t have chosen them given a choice. The yellow floral was a nice deal, $6.00 for a full meter.

This is my first attempt at attempting to put together patterns and colours together for a quilt, not quite right but please give me your opinions, I’m completely open to comments, I know so little about quilting, I need help!

This is my second  combination which I find more appealing but it’s also so predictable, what colour  or fabric suggestion would you throw in to make this more exciting? More orange and/or turquoise?


SewTara and I attended the 2011 CreativFestival today, it was terrific! We picked up tons of fabric, specifically, fat quarters, something I’ve never purchased before. I also visited the Janome booth and discovered a lot of machines under the skirts of their tables, why don’t I have my MC350E yet??!! Janome Fail!!

I looked at the Bernette 92C and it is a solid machine, much bigger than I had anticipated. I was actually looking for a machine for my Mom. She has a Viking Emerald mechanical but hasn’t been able to bond with it. I would love to take it off her hands but would need to replace it. I think she would actually be happier with a computerized machine that selects the tension for her. She used to have a Kenmore but traded it in and now regrets it.

  Lots of Japanese fabrics, we’ll be visiting again in the fall!!!