Free motion quilting marathon

I finally packed it in at 6:30 p.m. after an all day marathon. The basting paid off, I’m super happy with the back of the quilt as well as the front.

Free Motion Quilting

Click to enlarge.

So far this project has eaten an entire spool of Aurifil 50wt thread (piecing & free motion quilting), I don’t know how many times I changed the bobbin, I lost count. I also broke one needle when the thread got stuck.

No doubt I’ll sleep like a rock tonight, I’m bushed! How was your day??


Today our boss is taking us to the new TOCA by Tom Brodi restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Toronto.  We have the private dining room reserved and I cannot wait! I’m bringing my camera to show you the kitchen. I’ve been woking on this project for 3+ years, we’re still working on the condos but alas, the hotel is finally open!

Yesterday I touched on the sound a sewing machine makes and how much I enjoy listening to it. But not all machines and not all the time. When my Brother HE-240 is hammering out an embroidery design, although it’s not deafening, it can be irritating.  I also don’t like the sound of Mike Maldonado’s industrial machine in this video.

But I LOVE the sound of this Elna TX Electronic, there’s such a lovely, low zoom to it, it sounds as though it has power behind it without being obnoxious. My Sapphire can emit a high pitched squeal when I’ve been making it work hard, the dealers call it a “whistle”, don’t be fooled.

Sadly, only one person voted in my poll yesterday on dress forms and I’m very disheartened. Either there are very few people who own dress forms, or people didn’t want to vote? It’s going to boil down to what I can get in the area within budget. So I’m going to post my poll again, please, if you have a dress form, help me out and let me know what brand you’d recommend or leave me a comment.

TDF worked from home yesterday and got all our shopping done which means we have the entire weekend to relax. Here in Canada, Monday is “Family Day” because we just don’t have enough damn holidays! YAY for Family Day!!

TOCA Dining Room

Addicted to (sewing) Notions!

I’ve discovered come to realize that I’m addicted to sewing notions. I’ll say it, “I LOVE NOTIONS!” I’m always looking for something I might need in my sewing adventures, a tool which will make my sewing experience sweeter, a bell or whistle to make a task easier and let’s not forget sewing machine feet,  love them too! When Fabricland has their 50% off member’s sale, I stock up like mad. Threads especially, you can never have too many for embroidery!

And speaking of thread, I read the article in Threads magazine about silk thread, I don’t have the magazine with me at the moment but the article was very interesting and I must find some quality silk thread!! All are not created equal nor are they available local to me, I’ll have to order them online.

Burda 7419

In other news, M’s coat is almost finished, I just need to hem the sleeves and sew the lining hems as well as install snaps. I’m not 100% happy with the way the sleeves are too curved but that’ s the style of the coat and you really can’t see what I mean in either the diagrams or the photograph.

I’ve really enjoyed making this coat, it’s something I’ve never done before and as I’ve said, it isn’t difficult, it’s just time consuming because you have to cut out almost every piece three times and sew every seam four times (lining seams included). M likes the lining so much he wants a shirt out of it as well so I’ll be purchasing more brown plaid this coming weekend for the MPB Sew-Along.

While we’re on the subject of “M”, I’m going to change his name in this blog to TDF or “The Dog Father” which is his name on some forums and is just more familiar to me. I hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion — of course it won’t, I only have 6 followers! LOL! I guess I’m just not that entertaining.