A Girl’s Day

Tara, from SewTara.com swung by yesterday for a little visit and some sewing fun. She brought along a cute yellow jersey fabric with tiny little hearts and whipped up my favorite easy peasy 1 hour drawstring skirt. She did a great job, doesn’t it look cute?

I managed to finish up a few drawstrings for skirts I’d already made and created one more triangle as well as cut a slew of strips and centers.

At noon we hopped in the car and drove to Fabricland where Tara bought a sweet yellow and turquoise Dear Stella leaf print to make another easy drawstring skirt and I grabbed some Warm & Natural for 50% off.  After filling our tummies with all you can eat sushi, we returned to my place and jumped into the wading pool to cool off. We had a lot of fun gabbing and doing sewey stuff and hope to do it again next month.

Click to enlarge.

Today I plan to make more triangles, piece the backing for my In Reverse quilt and maybe even start another new project.

Skirts Galore

Tabatha's Drawstring Lined Skirt

I started and completed three skirts this weekend, so happy to have expanded my wardrobe (and back in the sewing mojo)!

For this first skirt, I used Cecillia Orange from the line Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli, adore the fabric, love oange and pink together! I wore it today with a white t-shirt and grey sweater (not so warm today), very comfortable. The fabric is too transparent on it’s own so I lined it with white Kona cotton, I love the feel, it’s sturdy yet soft.

Bending Pins Linen Zakka Style Drawstring SkirtThe second skirt I made is Robert Kaufman’s linen and Far and Away III with embroidered accents including the hem and a little flower above the left pocket. This skirt isn’t lined, I hope it’s not too seethrough! I considered adding more embroidery to it but less is more in this particular case, I think.

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

However, with this next linen skirt, I plan to use as embroidery practice, perhaps a sampler skirt!

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

These skirts are so flexible and easy to wear, I’m considering making them for my Etsy shop. Visit my Flickr stream to see larger photos.

Granny Square Quilted Skirt

I was able to finish two skirts this weekend, this is the Granny Square Quilted skirt. As previously mentioned, the squares were cut 5″ and pieced. I layered a piece of white muslin under the block then cut out the pattern and quilted them together with straight lines 1/2″ on either side of the block seams and repeated for the other side of the skirt. I bound the hem as you would a quilt and used jellyroll strips of Kona white for the waist. For the draw string, I cut 1 & 1/2″ strips of fabric, joined them then pressed in half and pressed the raw edges in toward the fold. There is a piece of elastic approximately 13″ joining the two drawstrings in the back which makes for a better fit.

I used Ruby by Bonnie and Camille as well as Picnic and Fairgrounds by Denyse Schmidt as well as a charm pack of Kona white. This skirt is a little stiff but I think it’ll soften up after a few washings.

For the second skirt, I used a linen/cotton blend from Melody Miller, Ruby Star Rising and the same pattern though instead of creating Granny Square blocks, I inserted a contrasting strip fron the same line. I LOVE this fabric, the weight is light and airy and I love working with it.

Sorry, no iPad tutorial this weekend, my appologies. I had inserted the zipper a different way and prefer the invisible zipper.

Sew Happy Geek

Also linking up with M-R at Quilt Matters for this week’s TGIFF!


Polyester, EW!

I purchased some cotton/poly mix for a wrap skirt (McCall’s 5430) muslin, the cotton content is larger but the poly is still obvious, especially when you iron it. I can smell the polyester and I can’t stand it! Why does anyone need to use poly mixed with other fibers? Can’t you get stretch cotton without poly? It also does something strange with my body odor. If I wear natural fibers, I have no problem with pit stink. Put polyester under my arms and we have a serious problem regardless of how much deodorant I use. My feed dogs have a hard time grabbing it, my iron can’t create sharp creases, it’s disgusting!

That’s another great thing about making your own clothes, you can choose which materials with which pattern, you want to use as long as it behaves (35% stretch or woven) as required.

Just say NO to polyester!!

I’ll wear the muslin around the house and perhaps on weekends but this skirt is destined for a wonderful linen, cotton mix.

McCall's 5430 Wrap Skirt