61 Pieces

With 61 individual pieces for each block, it takes about an hour to put one together. I’m really looking forward to seeing this quilt complete!

Juki TL-2000Qi was shipped yesterday, it’s supposed to be here in approximately 10 days! However, The Grace Companywill not ship the Start-Right frame to Canada (but they’ll ship it cross country to CA??) due to shipping costs and the possibility of damage. Again, they’ll ship it from one end of the U.S. to the other but not to Canada? In any case, I’ve been upgraded to the Gracie Queen frame. The bars are aluminum and the frame itself is wood. The carriage has foam handles in both front and back, slightly better than the carriage on the Start-Right. The Gracie Queen is also more expensive than the Start-Right but KathyQuilts.com will be absorbing the difference (thank you!).

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Friday Round-up #3

It’s been a busy week in the sewing room, mostly filled with little zipper pouches. I’m not finished with them yet, I have a few more different styles I’d like to try.

I signed up for the new Craftsy class with Elizabeth Hartman, Inspired Modern Quilts: 7 Small Projects with Big Style and immediately started on the Scattered Squares quilt. I adjusted my version as I was making it for our coffee table. Instead of the individual squares being 3.5″ x 3.5″, I made mine 5″ x 5″ to fit our table. I need to add a single border at the top and bottom, not the sides, for my specific purpose. Turns out the colours are not quite right and doesn’t work in that space. Next week I intend to make a few other projects in the Inspired Modern Quilts series and perhaps create something that will suit our living room better.

I started the week working on Michelle Patterns pouches and eventually developed my own style, a red and camel coloured pleated zipper pouch which, I think, turned out quite well. I also wrote a tutorial on how I create the pleats for this pouch.

I wrapped up my Thursday by making a Triple-Zip Pouch from A Quilter’s Table tutorial and a simple curved bottom pouch of my own design. I think Summersville Metro Floral in Orange Zest and Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone in pond are my new favorite fabric combination, I love how the blue pops.

TGIFF everyone!

Friday round-up #2

Les Fleurs Bleu

For TGIFF I present my Vintage Modern Marmalade Chevron quilt, formerly known as In Reverse. After free motion quilting the entire quilt, it really gave me the courage and confidence to work on larger projects.

My second semi finish is Les Fleurs Bleu” quilt top. I used a Spa by Deb Strain and Kona white, I’m waiting for Spa yardage to hit the shops so I can create the back.

Ongoing are my loving triangles, which may eventually become a full size quilt, scraptastic madness and fabric manipulation. My biggest problem with notched tucks is that I don’t want them to look like Navajo designs, that’s just not my thing and something I know nothing about.

Today I’m going to work on zippy pouches, after that, who knows!

I’m linking up with Mama Love Quilts who is hosting TGIFF this week.

Friday round-up

(click image to enlarge)

What did I accomplish in the sewing realm this week?

1. In Reverse quilt top. Still haven’t created a backing for this yet, not quite sure what to do, perhaps a few scattered wedges on a white background? I have a charm pack or two, I could make granny squares.

2. Lavender sachet for my gorgeous hubby. He still wants a bigger one, I’m thinking about it.

3. Scraptastic random goodness in progress, this will be ongoing until it’s big enough to cover a bed.

4. Easy jellyroll lonestar. I kinda like precuts, especially jellyrolls and charm packs. I signed up for Kimberly Einmo’s Magical Jelly Roll Quilts on Craftsy awhile ago, she’s an excellent teacher and this class is great. This is the second time I’ve attempted the “Lonestar Strip Magic” and my points still aren’t perfect but I love what you can do with these blocks. This time I actually constructed a complete star but instead of using a second colour, I replaced it with the background color so the star would appear to be floating. Did it work?


What I didn’t expect when I chose the fabrics for this block, was the sense of movement I got in the centre star, those little houndstooth thingies appear to be moving in a clockwise rotation. I want to work on a few more of these blocks, arranging them into arrow flights.

I have the above block ready for quilting but I completely forgot to add sashing! Do I rip out all my basting stitches or do I simply add a border after the quilting? What would you do?

Today i’m linking up with TGIFF.

Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday!

Did you wonder where I’d gone? Nowhere, I just didn’t feel like blogging, maybe I sewed myself silly last weekend finishing 2 bags. But another weekend is here and I’m ready to make a bag for myself that holds all my digital gadgetry and still looks feminine. I’ve been working on ideas all week, let’s see if they come to fruition.

Enough of that, here’s what I finished last weekend, in case you missed it

First of all my husband bought me this nifty light box to take photos with. Although it’s too small for a cushion, I can still use the lights and a big piece of Kona white to take pictures. Okay, so although technically this isn’t something I created, this does help me create better photos!

Saturday I whipped up this adorable little messenger bag from Keyka Lou’s pattern. I added a pocket in the front flap with an invisible zipper, the more pockets the better, in my opinion! I used an Echino linen/cotton print for the flap, linen for the body and Happy Mochi Yum Yum for the interior.

Sunday I used my stash of Botanika to create Keyka Lou’s City Tote, what a cutie and it’s so easy to put together. Cutting all the pieces takes longer than sewing but I love the process and especially the results!  As with most sewing, cutting out the pieces takes the longest. Both these bags are available in my Etsy shop.

BTW, I know everyone’s crazy about Flickr but I just checked out Photobucket again today, I had an account previously but there has been some improvements. You can now add different frames and text, I don’t know if Flickr can do that but I certainly haven’t figured it out. Photobucket was really easy and intuitive, I think I’m going to keep some photos there. 😀

Although it’s still Thursday here in Canada, THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY!!