A Woven Scarf

I hand dyed then spun the yarn for this scarf earlier this year. It contains a lot of Corriedale, the warp is Faulkland and there’s always Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) in all my scarves, it’s such a great wool to work with, I don’t know why more people don’t use it. All three of these scarves are off to Muskoka to a craft show this weekend with my friend Sew Tara.

Next on my list is a white/oatmeal/silver scarf, all natural colours of the sheep they originate from including a white merino warp, Shetland, Targhee, maybe (silver) Mohair, Alpaca and BFL, weft. I’m spinning BLF now and am going to blend the Alpaca and Targhee together.


Improvisational Weaving

Yesterday morning I started to wind a warp using odds and ends of my handspun I had used on my multicoloured poncho. I didn’t really count, just wound until I couldn’t put any more yarn on my warping board. It was chunky wool so it was only 60 ends which I estimated would be 6 ends per inch on the loom.


I’m getting better at warping and it only took a few minutes to wind it onto the back beam. Threading the heddles and reed also went quickly and I was off to the races. I pulled random balls of handspun from my big basket and wound off just before 3 p.m.!

Because the main fiber in this scarf is Blue Faced Leicester, it’s super soft and huge, 86″ long (not including 12″ of fringe) by 14″ wide, almost as big as Lenny Kravitz’ scarf!

I think I have enough handspun left in my basket to make another huge scarf, I think I’ll make the next one wider but just as long.

Twill Complication

When I saw this pattern in “A Handweaver’s Pattern Book” I knew I had to make it and tencel really makes it shine! I used a dark teal as the warp and silver for the weft. It has a 66 thread repeat and there is a lot of different treadling in this pattern which keeps it interesting when weaving.

Sett: 24 EPI
Fiber: 8/2 Tencel
Threads: 330
Finished Width: 12.5″
Finished Length: 70″

Rare and Out of Print

I knew that I had some out of print (OOP) fabrics, some I won’t let go but little did I know that prints I purchased 6 years ago are now rare. Take “Brrr!” by Laurie Wisbrun for example, no where can it be found for sale on Etsy!

IMG_20170704_183858Same goes for Tula Pink’s Parisville Cameo print. Who doesn’t like a squirrel on a lady’s head?

And last but not least, Swoon Sea Garden by Melissa Averinos.


You might think that some of the prices are outrageous but consider this person who is selling a 20.5″ x 16.25″ piece for US$87.39!

Is there something you’re looking for? Message me on Etsy or here on my blog and I’ll let you know!


This weekend I decided that I needed to destash my hoard, I haven’t really sewn in FIVE years! I’ll also be selling my Juki┬áTL-2000Qi and vintage machines locally but keeping my Bernina 550 QE.

Some fabric I’m selling includes Heather Ross’ Far Far Away III and Crafty Chloe, Kayo Horaguchi Japanese prints , Better Gnomes and Gardens and more! Visit my Etsy shop, I’m always adding more fabric!

You Spin Me!

img_20170221_155015So, two weeks ago, this happened!

I put a call out on my local Ravelry forum for a rent or rent-to-own spinning wheel and in just a matter of hours, a sweet and generous soul replied to my plea.

IamMo arrived the next Monday with this Lendrum double treadle in tow as well as her identical second wheel and enough fibre to completely cover my dining table. I thought she’d brought it to show me but she brought it for me to spin with!

Spinning looks a lot easier on YouTube.


Here’s my first mess:

Ugly, isn’t it. I practised 4 hours every day, before and after work.

I am much better and certainly more consistent than what you see here but not as consistent as I aim to be but it takes time and more practise.

Here’s where I am today, 2 weeks later, a 2-ply worsted weight (worsted spun) which I can actually knit with!


Corriedale fibre is a great beginner fibre, it has a long staple and relatively easy to spin. I think I have enough to actually make a poncho!

Below are photos of some Polworth fibre I spun and plied in my first week, love the colours!