Oops, I made denim!


In the beginning, my intention was to try a waffle weave fabric. However, after visiting my guild and borrowing the book, “The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory” by Anne Dixon, my plans changed. I had already wound an 8/2 cotton warp but had not yet dressed the loom. I mentioned my waffle plan to a guild member, she mentioned that it had a lot of shrinkage after taking it off the loom. Because I’m terrified of running out of thread, I had only warped for a 16″ wide fabric, what would it be if it shrank after taking it off the loom?  I decided to thread a simple twill and try some new techniques, specifically beating on an open shed, changing the shed then beating again, improving my selvedges and trying out the Anne Dixon selvage method. I also played with different weights of thread and treading.

When I realized I was weaving denim fabric, I decided to put in a few lines of gold stitching. Below are the results, please forgive the wrinkles.

This fabric is destined to be zippy pouches as it’s only 13″ wide, I lost 3″ from pull-in. The next cotton or tencel warp needs to be at least 20″ wide.

Open Wide Zippy Pouch

Bending Pins

This is my first attempt at Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zippy Pouch, I really like it and learned a few new tricks in the process. I quilted the exterior fabric prior to construction.

Bending Pins

Bending Pins

I also worked on M-R‘s block for our Simply Solids: a modern {bee}, she wanted a Trip Around the World block and supplied us with the dark grey and deep purple fabrics, we filled in the rest.

Trip Around the World

I need to continue working on my quilted basket tutorial!!  Have a great weekend everyone!


WIP: Zippy Portfolio

I started with Kerry Green’s Portfolio Organizer tutorial using some experimental blocks
I’d thrown in a drawer for which I had no plan.

Portfolio - Outter

I didn’t want the large pleated pouch, I though items would probably slide out so instead I made a zippy pouch.
The fabric pattern matching was a complete fluke!

Zippy Pouch

You know how the zipper and fabric always shifts when you sew?
Well, I used fabric glue and set it with an iron prior to sewing which worked beautifully, I achieved an effortless zipper insertion!

Portfolio Inside

The zippy pouch is removable with snaps, I might round all the corners including the zippy pouch.

Portfolio Detatchable

I’ve been absent from blogging lately because I’ve been working like mad to get some WIPs finished for a shop in Cobourg called “Impresario Artisan Market“, we took a nice drive today and made my first delivery! Rebecca has an amazing store filled with handmade arts and crafts ranging from blown glass to paintings, sculptures, clothing and pottery, everywhere you look is something wondrous and beautiful.

I hope you’re weekend is productive and full of bliss!

Quilted: Orange Scattered Squares

Click images to enlarge.

Aneela Hoey quilts loops and I like it and that’s what I thought I’d do with this quilt especially since loops are incorporated in one of the fabric patterns. I followed the horizontal seams to keep me sewing straight. After I’d followed all the rows, I flipped the quilt around and followed the seams again but on the opposite side. I love the effect, it makes the design look like a vine.

Quilt backs are always a bit of a struggle for me. I don’t always like throwing left overs on the back because I feel that you need keep them in line with the front. I also don’t have a ton of yardage — who does? I know some do but I don’t think it’s common, I could be wrong. I did have a yard or so of Joel Dewberry’s Sparrows in Aqua but not quite enough to cover the entire back seamlessly so I cut it in half and inserted a 6″ strip of natural linen.

I love the quilting in the linen. Now I have to find a binding.

I also managed to squeeze in a mini zippy pouch today, so fun!

Now I’m thinking I should try an even smaller pouch, just for fun. 😀

Friday Round-up #3

It’s been a busy week in the sewing room, mostly filled with little zipper pouches. I’m not finished with them yet, I have a few more different styles I’d like to try.

I signed up for the new Craftsy class with Elizabeth Hartman, Inspired Modern Quilts: 7 Small Projects with Big Style and immediately started on the Scattered Squares quilt. I adjusted my version as I was making it for our coffee table. Instead of the individual squares being 3.5″ x 3.5″, I made mine 5″ x 5″ to fit our table. I need to add a single border at the top and bottom, not the sides, for my specific purpose. Turns out the colours are not quite right and doesn’t work in that space. Next week I intend to make a few other projects in the Inspired Modern Quilts series and perhaps create something that will suit our living room better.

I started the week working on Michelle Patterns pouches and eventually developed my own style, a red and camel coloured pleated zipper pouch which, I think, turned out quite well. I also wrote a tutorial on how I create the pleats for this pouch.

I wrapped up my Thursday by making a Triple-Zip Pouch from A Quilter’s Table tutorial and a simple curved bottom pouch of my own design. I think Summersville Metro Floral in Orange Zest and Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone in pond are my new favorite fabric combination, I love how the blue pops.

TGIFF everyone!

Quilt Top Outdoor Photos

I thought I needed better photos of my WIPs outdoors and my neighbor’s fence with the wind duck was a perfect setting today. I haven’t decided on a backing for this but I know I’m going to quilt loops, can’t wait! (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Scattered Squares

Still waiting for Deb Strain’s Spa to be released in yardage so I can finish this quilt!

Les Fleurs Bleu

Today I made A Quilter’s Table Tripple-Zip Pouch from her great tutorial. Next time I make this I’m going to use interfacing instead of batting which I find too thick. I had to order more zippers today, I’m running out!

Triple-Zip Pouch

I think the next project I’m going to attempt is Michelle Patterns’ Padded Camera Pouch, I know a few people who might like them for Xmas. 😀