Quilted: Orange Scattered Squares

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Aneela Hoey quilts loops and I like it and that’s what I thought I’d do with this quilt especially since loops are incorporated in one of the fabric patterns. I followed the horizontal seams to keep me sewing straight. After I’d followed all the rows, I flipped the quilt around and followed the seams again but on the opposite side. I love the effect, it makes the design look like a vine.

Quilt backs are always a bit of a struggle for me. I don’t always like throwing left overs on the back because I feel that you need keep them in line with the front. I also don’t have a ton of yardage — who does? I know some do but I don’t think it’s common, I could be wrong. I did have a yard or so of Joel Dewberry’s Sparrows in Aqua but not quite enough to cover the entire back seamlessly so I cut it in half and inserted a 6″ strip of natural linen.

I love the quilting in the linen. Now I have to find a binding.

I also managed to squeeze in a mini zippy pouch today, so fun!

Now I’m thinking I should try an even smaller pouch, just for fun. ūüėÄ

A lot of bloggers have nifty segments like “WIP Wednesday” and “Fabric Fridays” ¬†but I’m just not clever enough to come up with a catchy title to this post. I received fabric today, yay! (Click icons for larger images.)

I’ve finally jumped on the Anna Maria Horner bandwagon and purchased some LouLouThi prints. Yes, I did make a rag quilt of LouLouThi in flannel but I purchased it as a complete bundle — does that count? I made a rag quilt which I gave to my¬†neighbor¬†Liz, while she went through radiation treatments for breast cancer, she loved it. So now it’s time for some LouLouThi for myself. I teamed it with¬†Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in Light Blue and¬†¬†Free Spirit Designer Solid in Barberry.


Also in my order was a little of¬†Amy Butler’s new line, Cameo¬†and¬†Tula Pink’s new line, The Birds and the Bees. Makes for an eclectic mash up, don’t you think?

I’m expecting another interesting order this week so stay tuned!




Sheep in progress…

Bullion Ewe

I drew my sheep, traced around the body using a chain stitch (I think I should have back stitched instead) then started filling in with the bullion knots I learned from Bari J.’s tutorial.

Bullion Knot Roses

Here’s a close-up of my roses.

And look what I got in the mail today!

Anna Maria Horner’s Anchor Pearl Cotton Embroidery Threads!!

Can’t wait to use them!!

Loulouthi Rag Lap Quilt

Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi flannel is so soft and snuggly it makes a perfect rag quilt. When this fabric line first became available, I was confused by the colour palette but when you mix all the prints into a quilt, they all work and make a stunning statement.¬†Sadly, Loulouthi flannel is quickly becoming hard to find, I hope they rerelease it next fall! I want to make more of these quilts, I was thinking my next would be with Heather Bailey’s Fresh Cut¬†in flannel.

If you’re looking for the Fat Quarter Shop $50.00 Shopping Spree, click HERE!

Playing with Curves

On a week night? Yup, but don’t worry, I’ll still be in bed by 9:00.

Radiating outwards

I am having so much fun learning how to use my new Quick Curves Ruler,¬†I couldn’t wait for the weekend to try it out! It’s super easy to use, easy to sew and easy to press the seams flat without any excess fabric.

click on image to enlarge


I think there are a lot of possibilities with this ruler, it’s just a matter of experimenting. Can’t wait for the weekend, just two more sleeps!

Fabric Infusion

I rewarded myself today, for making it through my first week of (new) employment. It’s always stressful to start a new job in a new place with new people but add to this stress the loss of our 16 year old cat,¬†Angus¬†and I barely made it through. We keep expecting to see him in his usual spots, always disappointed when he’s not there.

Now on to the fun, uplifting stuff, fabric shopping!

13 Cotton Couture Solids

My fabric stash is sorely missing solids so I delved into these delicious¬†Sandi Henderson (for Michael Miller) Cotton Couture Solids, 13 in total, YUMMY! I love the variety and hues of this collection, I’m sure I’ll be using them over and over in future projects.

Another fabric line I’ve been lusting after for awhile now is Storyboek by Jay-Cyn Designs. I know I can find some super cute projects to make for my neices with the little¬†Field Stroll print and a little something for myself and friends with the rest.

Storyboek by Jay-Cyn Designs

I also added some Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Flannels to my shopping cart. I plan to make a mini quilt for our Devon Rex Cat who used to snuggle with Angus, we considered them husband and wife. To say she’s a little lost without him is an understatement. I’m surprised she hasn’t chosen another pet to cozy up to.

Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi

I added a few other fabrics to my cart which I thought were good basics I could use in almost any project, Kei Japan Geo Style, Checkered Graph Blue/Yellow,¬†My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake, So Sophie, Dots Blue and Dots Purple.

I just received notice that they’ve shipped so hopefully I’ll receive these goodies next week, just in time for my birthday! ūüėÄ

Fabric images and purchases from FabricWorm.com.

Happy (early) Birthday to Me!

Oooh, what could it be?!

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that my birthday was a couple of months away and I wanted a Sizzix Vagabond fabric cutter? Well, not 10 minutes later, dearest hubby sent me an email stating that he had purchased one for me, how awesome is he?? (He reads my blog. ūüėČ We received notice today that it had been delivered to our home successfully. Alas, we were still at work!

The whole kit and kaboodle!

I selected a few dies to go with my Vagabond, a Sizzix 2″ hexagon and 2.5″ hexagon so I can cut the fabric AND the templates. ¬†I purchased mylar separately specifically for this reason. I also ¬†ordered GO! Baby tumblers and diamonds which I can use with the Sizzix using a shim — seen in the photo above to the left the Vagabond. That’s right, you can use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines but you cannot use Sizzix dies in Accuquilt fabric cutters. Let me tell you, this little beast weighs a TON and it is a SOLID brick house! But not only is it solid, it’s very, very quiet!

First I tested it on fabric scraps which were basted to batting then 3 layers of fabric only.

They are perfectly formed but as you can see in the image above, there were little strings not yet sliced. I’d heard of this¬†phenomenon¬†and apparently, the more complex the shape, the more likely this is to happen. This is a minor issue compared to the amount of precious time I’ll be saving! And not only can I cut fabric but I’ll be able to emboss paper (or even fabric!) and cut other materials like card stock and mylar.

I didn’t think I’d buy square or straight cut dies but now I’m rethinking it! This little machine (and it is little — it won’t take up any room in your sewing space!) is going to save soo much time cutting fabric for projects.

I’d like to give a shout out to the Canadian online shop we ordered it from, Stitch in the Ditch, who were extremely helpful, they had the best prices I could find in Canada and the shipping was surprisingly fast considering we live at opposite ends of the country, not to mention the outstanding customer service!

There was another little package in the mail today, from my favorite online fabric shop…

Feast your eyes on this goodness! That’s right kids, Anna Maria Horner’s LouLouThi Needleworks; ¬†Crossing Paths Dapper & Visions in Pangaea¬†fabrics as well as Seafaring and Radiant Egyptian mercerized embroidery floss, YUM! I was pleasantly surprised that this fabric is so big, 60″ from selvedge to selvedge! However, I really wish someone would have told me¬†I had read the description better, because the repeat is 24″ and I should probably have ordered a full yard of each. No matter, the idea is to have fun and ultimately cut the fabric into sections for various projects and cross stitch that section. Should I wash the fabric before stitching??

LouLouThi Egyptian mercerized cotton embroidery floss

My apologies for the number of exclamation marks in this post, I’m sure I’ve exceeded my allotment for the next few posts but can you blame me?