Victorian sewing

Today hubster took me to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) downtown Toronto. It’s been awhile since we were there last, about 10 years. Sadly the textiles area was closed but I did find a lovely Victorian sewing kit, wish I could’ve taken it home.

IMG_1627This perfect, meticulous stitching was in the same display, an interesting mix of flowers!



And although this piece has nothing to do with stitching, I really love the design of this ancient asian piece.



A note to the locals: dim sum in Markham is WAY better than anything you can get on Spadina, it’s like night and day!

Have a great long weekend, welcome Spring!!



Hang on!

I’m working on a blog redesign and Quilted Basket pattern, this may take awhile but please stay tuned! I’m going to continue sewing and blogging, I’m just excited and couldn’t wait to share this with you. I used to build websites and design graphics back in ’94 and I’m relearning my Photohop and CSS skills. Wheeee!

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