Quilted: Orange Scattered Squares

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Aneela Hoey quilts loops and I like it and that’s what I thought I’d do with this quilt especially since loops are incorporated in one of the fabric patterns. I followed the horizontal seams to keep me sewing straight. After I’d followed all the rows, I flipped the quilt around and followed the seams again but on the opposite side. I love the effect, it makes the design look like a vine.

Quilt backs are always a bit of a struggle for me. I don’t always like throwing left overs on the back because I feel that you need keep them in line with the front. I also don’t have a ton of yardage — who does? I know some do but I don’t think it’s common, I could be wrong. I did have a yard or so of Joel Dewberry’s Sparrows in Aqua but not quite enough to cover the entire back seamlessly so I cut it in half and inserted a 6″ strip of natural linen.

I love the quilting in the linen. Now I have to find a binding.

I also managed to squeeze in a mini zippy pouch today, so fun!

Now I’m thinking I should try an even smaller pouch, just for fun. 😀

When Joel Met Tula

Don’t they make a lovely couple? Their personalities blend and complement each other yet they keep their own identities. Delightful I think! I’m going to introduce them to a Sea Garden where they can dance amongst cranberry, cherry waves.

An Heirloom in Parisville

August Hexies

Hexies Gone Wild

I’ve started woking on my hexies again and I still don’t know what I’m going to make out of them. The nice part about hexies and hand sewing, is you can always remove a piece and replace it, it’s not a rush project, just something that I can take anywhere, especially on the train to and from work and never a waste of time.

German/Austrian Stylin’

Okay, okay, this is the last time I’m going to share my bed quilt plans and fabrics until I actually start working on them, probably after Xmas. Here’s what I mean about the German/Austrian style of bed, two duvets on a double, queen or king size bed so you never have to fight over the blankets again.

Euro Stylin

I did a bit of fabric editing, adding more Heirloom and removing Patricia Bravo, Modern Affair, Peacock Eye in Orange — the tone just wasn’t right, I also took out Joel Dewberry’s Flower Fields in Sunset as well as Bloom, Bark which could reappear in a pillow.

Final Fabric Selection

Now I wait for the rain and cooler weather so I don’t have to feel guilty when I’m in the basement sewing.