Backyard Baby Tumbler Blocks

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Continuing on my y-seam adventure, this is my first attempt at tumber blocks. All fabrics were starched twice prior to cutting, strips were cut parallel to the selvedge edge. The first seam was sewn 1/4″ from the inside edge to 1/4″ from the outter edge of the block. The remaining two seams were sewn from the outside edge towards the centre and thankfully, matched perfectly!

The centre seams were pressed in a spiral formation (which created a cute miniature tumber) to avoid any bulk although I don’t like shadows in my light fabrics. I don’t think there’s anyway around it though, especially because of the way the blocks fit together.

TIP: If you are sewing y-seams, do NOT sew all the way into the center seam, stop one stitch length or less from the center. this allows seams to lay much flatter. I lock each seam at the beginning and end with a single back stitch.




I thought using my leftover Backyard Baby fabric was perfect for this project, it’s growing so fast that I’m sure it’ll be an unintentional baby size quilt in no time, I’ll just continue and see how big this gets.

Perhaps I’m not looking at the “right” blogs but I don’t see many young bloggers making tumbler quilts, they’re a lot of fun, super cute with the right fabrics and so easy!

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Bear’s Paw?

Bear's Paw quilt blockIs it technically still a bear’s paw if you turn the blocks? I’m sure I’m not the first or last to try this but… Not sure if I’m in love with it yet. What do you think? Maybe I’ll just make a low volume HST quilt…

Don’t forget that Holiday Tutorials Thursdays starts today with verrykerryberry! This week she’s making a super cute hexagonal pot handle holder, visit Quilt Story to see the tutorial.

WIPs Galore!

All quilting is suspended until I have my quilting frame & machine (and a LOT of practice), which leaves me with many WIPs and new projects. As mentioned yesterday I’ve been invited by Heather & Megan of Quilt Story to participate in their Holiday Tutorials Thursdays so one of my WIPS is to work on my tutorial!

One new project I started last weekend is what I consider a “guy’s” quilt using Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt, Robert Kaufman Essex linen and log cabins. Love the fabrics in this line! I’m using Superior Threads’ Kimono Silk for piecing and quilting which gives me super flat and strong seams!


Another project I’m working on is a baby quilt for one of my girlfriends, she is currently 6 months along so I only have four months left to work on it. I don’t know if she’s having a girl or boy (I’m guessing girl) but thought I’d play it safe  by making it for a boy or a girl by using two Aneela Hoey embroidery patterns from her new book, Little Stitches. Her designs are so sweet and book is fabulous, great for embroidery beginners like myself.

Last but not least, I’ve been hankering to make a bear’s paw quilt and have decided to once again pull out Backyard Baby fabric by Patty Sloniger. I’m not a big child’s fabric fan but I adore this line, it’s obviously for kids without being too cutesy.

On a side note, I’ve started using my Sony NEX 5-N instead of my iPad, I really need to use all of the features available, it’s a great camera but I need to work on my white balance as well as other things.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have new a hair style, it’s very similar to the last style. I’ve decided that I really, really love short hair (so does DH!), so easy to care for, I haven’t had to use a blow dryer or straightener in months, which is so much healthier! I just need to ignore my parent’s and strangers comments — my Dad loves long hair but he doesn’t have to take care of it. ;D

Have a great week, keep on sewing!

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A Backyard Baby Jellybean Finish!

Man oh man, memba this?

Well, I finally finished it! I had originally started quilting fans on my domestic machine but found it too difficult and figured it best left to the long arm quilters. So, this week I spent two evenings unpicking all the quilting I’d done.  I wasn’t really sure how I would quilt this, I love the fabrics and didn’t want to detract from them so I thought I’d just keep it simple.

I used Camille’s Jellybean quilt pattern with Patty Sloniger’s Backyard Baby fabric, so cute and perfect for a boy!

My friend Linda is now expecting but she’s decided not to find out the sex of her baby however, I’m going to go ahead and make the In Reverse quilt pattern by Frivolous Necessity using a mixture of Ruby, Vintage Modern and Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille. If she has a boy, I’ll just have to make something else! 😀

See you tomorrow with yet another new hair style!

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedBelieve it or not, this is my first official WIP post. Yeah, I know they’ve been going on for years(?) but honestly, I’m still a freshman in quilting even though I have years of sewing experience with garments and home dec.

I don’t have a lot of free sewing time and I do have a few WIPs but for today, because I’m completely unprepared for this, I’m only going to post my Backyard Jellybean quilt. For those who are new, this is for a friend and an old colleague of mine who will be welcoming his second son into the world in July. I used Backyard Baby by Patti Solinger for Michael Miller and Kona White. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with the back yet but stay tuned this weekend for updates.

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Please don’t forget to vote for your favorite block at Crazy Old Ladies Quilts, mine is the first displayed on the page!!


Backyard Jellybeans


I am loving this quilt so much, it’ so fun working with these fabrics and this pattern, I love the splashes of orange here and there. I’m going to intersperse whole blocks of a single fabric throughout the quilt. I got as much done as I could today because tomorrow is going to be beautiful weather wise and I have to give the dogs a bath and do some yard work. The next long weekend just can’t come soon enough!

How was your day? Did you get any sewing done?