Quilt Top Outdoor Photos

I thought I needed better photos of my WIPs outdoors and my neighbor’s fence with the wind duck was a perfect setting today. I haven’t decided on a backing for this but I know I’m going to quilt loops, can’t wait! (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Scattered Squares

Still waiting for Deb Strain’s Spa to be released in yardage so I can finish this quilt!

Les Fleurs Bleu

Today I made A Quilter’s Table Tripple-Zip Pouch from her great tutorial. Next time I make this I’m going to use interfacing instead of batting which I find too thick. I had to order more zippers today, I’m running out!

Triple-Zip Pouch

I think the next project I’m going to attempt is Michelle Patterns’ Padded Camera Pouch, I know a few people who might like them for Xmas. 😀

Little things

After piecing together another quilt top this month I wanted to have fun with little things.

This is the last little pouch I made today, I tied to match the pattern on the flap with the pattern on the front, I think I was very close to being successful.

I also used the same fabric on the inside and again, matched the pattern with the front of the bubble. Disegard the opening at the bottom of the pouch, I haven’t closed the seam yet. This is an old Keyka Lou (now Michelle Patterns) pattern. I like snaps more than velcro.

Here’s another old retired Michelle Pattern, the Zipper Pocket Pouch made with Brrr by Laurie Wishbrun. I LOVE that polarbear!

It was a good day! 😀 Hope your weekend is going well too.