Birds and Berries Crib Quilt

Birds and Berries Crib Quilt

This is a simple quilt I created with a “Birds and Berries” jellyroll from Lauren & Jessi Jung. I started by creating 9-patch blocks and surrounding them with white. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with this. I had a charm pack of white so I decided to encompass them with jellyroll strips. In order to make the blocks the same size, I cut the interior strips to 1 & 1/2″ and left the outer strips 2.5″. Without borders it measures 40.5″ wide by 51″ long, I debating on what to do about a border, either alternating jellyroll strips with white. Maybe I should add a thin white border then a scrap border — what would you do? (Click image for larger view.)

This quilt is for my girlfriend who’s due in December, no one knows if she’s having a boy or girl…