This weekend I decided that I needed to destash my hoard, I haven’t really sewn in FIVE years! I’ll also be selling my Juki TL-2000Qi and vintage machines locally but keeping my Bernina 550 QE.

Some fabric I’m selling includes Heather Ross’ Far Far Away III and Crafty Chloe, Kayo Horaguchi Japanese prints , Better Gnomes and Gardens and more! Visit my Etsy shop, I’m always adding more fabric!

Skirts Galore

Tabatha's Drawstring Lined Skirt

I started and completed three skirts this weekend, so happy to have expanded my wardrobe (and back in the sewing mojo)!

For this first skirt, I used Cecillia Orange from the line Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli, adore the fabric, love oange and pink together! I wore it today with a white t-shirt and grey sweater (not so warm today), very comfortable. The fabric is too transparent on it’s own so I lined it with white Kona cotton, I love the feel, it’s sturdy yet soft.

Bending Pins Linen Zakka Style Drawstring SkirtThe second skirt I made is Robert Kaufman’s linen and Far and Away III with embroidered accents including the hem and a little flower above the left pocket. This skirt isn’t lined, I hope it’s not too seethrough! I considered adding more embroidery to it but less is more in this particular case, I think.

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

However, with this next linen skirt, I plan to use as embroidery practice, perhaps a sampler skirt!

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

These skirts are so flexible and easy to wear, I’m considering making them for my Etsy shop. Visit my Flickr stream to see larger photos.

Fabulous Fabric

Have I used that title before? Ah well, it never gets old!

This is one of Tula Pink’s earlier works, Plume, released in the fall of 2009 before I started quilting and simply stunning, IMO. I won’t lie, it’s expensive if you can find it, typically on Etsy. And speaking of rare fabrics, I also purchased this rare set:

I can’t believe how soft this fabric is, it almost feels like voile! I think I’m going to make myself little zippy pouches and Michelle Patterns pouches with it, just for myself and perhaps as gifts for special bloggy friends. 😀

I finally broke down and got some Far Far Away III which I think I’m going to use with this cute tote pattern purchased from Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.

Also from Pinked Fabrics I bought more Happy Mochi Yum Yum and this adorable grossgrain ribbon.

I don’t think I’m all bagged out yet, there may be one or two left in me but they may have to wait till I get back from vacation, 11 more days if you’re counting along with me.

Denim & Ruby Bag

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic and positive comments on my Denim & Ruby Skirt Bag, I think this is the one I’m going to take to Germany with me but I’m going to add a magnetic snap. I’m also going to make another with an inset zipper at some point (don’t think I’ll have time this weekend).


Other naughty shopping items I’m waiting for are pearl snaps and Japanese linens (from China). Will keep you posted on shipping and quality when they arrive.

Have a great week, let’s hope it goes by quickly!