New Ikea Duvet Cover

DH picked out this fresh, spring floral duvet cover which came with matching pillow cases, we selected two more in navy blue. While we were there, I grabbed two feather accent cushions with the intension of making covers for them. When we got home, I went through my stash looking for fabric to match, here’s what I came up with (click on photos for larger view):

Flea Market Fancy   Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung      Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung   Flea Market Fancy

I think all these fabrics go well with the Ikea print but for me, the two fabrics that really stand out in the crowd are #1 and #2 although the blue floral print, #3, really echos the blue flowers in the print. Now I have to find a pattern or make something up. 😀

In just 27 days we’ll be on a flight to Germany. We’ll be spending a week in Bremen with my Mother-in-Law then flying to Munich and driving into the alps to Austria and perhaps Switzerland. While there, I’ll be blogging with my iPad and bringing you along. This vacation can’t come soon enough!

Happy Saturday!!

Bear Paw!

Bear Paw

These teeny tiny half square triangles finish at just 1″, this is all I was able to get done last night. The plaid fabric is from Flora and blue is from Hideaway, both by Lauren & Jessi Jung. You can find this tutorial at Why Not Sew?

Completed Projects: 1 (Japanese Linen iPad Sleeve)

New Projects: 1 (Hand-Pieced Quilt-Along)

Ongoing Projects: 2 (Backyard Jellybean baby quilt, Craftsy BOM)

This is my second W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I feel so legit!

Bending Pins Labels

Look what I got today, I feel so legit! I’ve been wanting my own labels for awhile now and when I discovered “Lillalotta” on Etsy, I was thrilled. They turned out so beautifully and I love the font except I with the “o” on .com were more closed because it looks like a “u”. Ug.

Things to do this week:

1. Work on hand stitched Farmer’s Wife blocks.

2. Put the binding on my Covert Robin project, add some goodies and send it off.

3. Take photos of Covert Robin stuff before sending it off!

4. Make an iPad sleeve to fit in my purse so I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched.

5. Finish quilting Backyard Jellybean baby quilt.

And speaking of hand sewing, I just finished the Ohio Star this evening, I love the colour combination and fussy cut center. This is part of Why Not Sew’s  Hand Pieced Quilt-Along.

Ohio Star

Thimble Blossoms

Image from Thimble Blossoms

Over the past few months I’ve become a real fan of Thimble Blossoms’ fabrics and patterns. It started with the purchase of some Ruby by Bonnie & Camille for Moda from Pinked Fabrics on Etsy. At the time, I didn’t realize that the super popular Swoon quilt pattern was designed by Camille.

Recently I’ve been looking for a few new patterns; one for a baby quilt using Backyard Baby for my friend, and one to use with my Hideaway and Flora fabrics by Lauren + Jessi Jung. I’ve been hunting around for 2 weeks and just this morning, I went to Thimble Blossoms to check out their other patterns. I ended up purchasing Hopscotch and Jellybean, both of which are PDF downloadable patterns as well as June Bug which will be arriving by post.

How gorgeous is June Bug?? I adore those little flowers in the border, I love everything about this quilt pattern! Perhaps I’ll use my Hideaway fabric for this pattern or should I stick with Swoon? Dilemas, dilemas, what to do?!

And which pattern should I use with the Backyard Baby fabric, Hopscotch or Jellybean, or should I do a stained glass to highlight the fabrics?

I’ve also got a new idea in my head using the tumbler template, I could use that idea and create a tutorial at the same time… two birds… one stone… hmmm…

Flora by Lauren + Jessi Jung for Moda

A little fabric porn for a Tuesday evening…

One of my favorite prints; Paisley Flower, isn’t it beautiful?

Second favorite? Maybe Garden Damask, it’s hard to choose!

Look at those little bunnies and that bumble bee!

I missed the deadline to submit my Modern Mini, which was going to be my Sub-Urban Curve cushion cover, boo. I spent the better part of Sunday cleaning and organizing my sewing space and just goofing around with Hideaway scraps, can’t wait to receive the rest of that line! I wonder if I’ll receive my Backyard Baby fabric before the weekend so I can get started on my friend’s quilt. Still haven’t settled on a pattern for that. I’ll poke around some more and make a decision before the weekend.

I almost forgot to mention, the Fat Quarter Shop $50.00 giveaway hasn’t been claimed despite emailing the winner directly! Cath has two weeks to claim her prize and if I don’t hear from her within that time, I will return to and pick a new winner.

Lauren + Jessie Jung


Find my $50.00 Fat Quarter Shop giveaway HERE!

Just last week I purchased some Hideaway by Lauren + Jessie Jung, I just love that cuckoo clock print, it reminds me of the Alps, which I think was the intent. I’m not sure when it was released but it’s not sold in online stores anymore so I had to get it off Etsy, always a great place to find OOP fabrics!

This morning I read a post on Amanda Murphy’s blog about an Easter table runner she’s creating using Flora by Lauren + Jessie Jung. Well, I fell in love with this fabric too and was able to purchase it from the Fat Quarter Shop, YAY!  What is it about these particular fabulous designers that make my pupils dilate?