Hand quilting Modern Mabel

Hand Quilting Modern Mabel

Yesterday morning I basted my Modern Mabel quilt top with both 505 basting spray and pins then started hand quilting in the afternoon. My stitches aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be!  The circles are what was quilted on the original quilt and I’m also stitching around the stars. I love the process!

Grandmas’ Quilts

This weekend DH and I drove 6 hours to my parent’s home in Quebec (just outside Ottawa) for their 50th anniversary. There aren’t too many celebrations for that particular anniversary and I’m honoured  and proud to be their daughter.

While there, I asked my Mom about my (paternal) grandmother’s quilts, she had one by my Great Grandma and one from my Grandma! The one from my Great Grandma is made from old clothes and hand quilted (it might even be hand pieced but I’m not sure).

Great Grandma’s hand quilting

We believe she may have created this later in life, I noticed that some of the same fabrics are in both quilts. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)


I really love the simple allover quilt pattern, it keeps the quilt feeling soft and fluffy, interesting but doesn’t overwhelm the piecing.

The second quilt is by my father’s mother, it was given to my parents as a wedding gift from my grandparents.

Grandma’s Quilt

I adore the fabrics, all that was old is new again. The stars seem to be sewn together then appliqued onto buttery yellow blocks. After I finish my current project, I plan to recreate this quilt. Some of the fabrics remind me of Denyse Schmidt’s fabric designs or maybe Libery of London, what do you think??



Check out the hand quilting and choice of backing fabric!

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad, you are awesome!