Chanel Update and a lot More Weaving

After ogling all the gorgeous Chanel fabrics (from Maison Lesage) on Pinterest, I thoughtfully created my warp and chose beads, buttons, silk ribbons, cotton lace and hand spun wool yarn for the weft, it took me almost a week to weave this mixed media scarf (modeled by my good friend, SewTara).  I have another warp waiting it’s turn.

Swinging in the completely opposite direction, I chose to weave a classic pattern, herringbone, with hits of contrasting colour.

This is a lighter, spring scarf from 100% cotton.

Needing some vibrancy, I warped the loom yet again with bright gem tone hand spun wool yarns.

Bright Multi FullBright Multi

I barely got it off the loom and it sold immediately when posted on Facebook!

Currently on my loom is more herringbone. The yarn was spun from Canadian Shetland (black), Est de Laine & Polypay (white). My plan is to  felt the fabric and make a bag, I have 3 yards warped so lots of fabric for straps as well.


Chanel Tweed


I grabbed a bunch of hand spun yarns, warped the loom and just wove. The result was this scarf which is reminiscent of Chanel’s 1950’s era wool woven suits.

I absolutely love the seemingly randomness of the weaving though I’m sure it was carefully planned out.


Chanel Suite CU

The above suit is from the 90’s, the one below left is from the 50’s and the one on the right is from 2015.



Bremen: The Crafting Edition

Bremen Sewing Store

Hurrah, I stopped in at the Bremen sewing shop, they had many different brands of sewing machines including Singer, Pfaff, Janome and Bernina. Lots of thread, needles and wool but no fabric! I haven’t been able to find any fabric stores here, makes me wonder what they sew?

There are tons of arts and crafts on the Schnoor (a very old part of Bremen), this cute little mouse is a hard boiled egg warmer.
Crafts on the Schnoor

I think I’m going to go back and get one of these little guys, so cute!!

After shopping today I had a big long nap and feel like I finally passed jet lag. After dinner tonight we’re going to meet friends for drinks.

All photos in this post courtesy of my darling husband.