Oh my stars!

Y-Seam inset stars

I’ve been watching a lot of Sharon Schamber on YouTube lately, she has a tutorial for y-seam 8-point inset stars, I thought I might use it to create my “Modern Mable” quilt. I have a few prints by Joanna Figueroa which I thought would be beautiful for this quilt, traditional but modern which is what I’m striving for. Sharon is very accurate, uses a lot of starch, a hard ironing surface and a dry iron. As you can see by my results, her methods work! My finished squares needed very little trimming and I think the more I make, the better I’ll get.

I know these stars aren’t what the “in crowd” are into at the moment but I’ve only been quilting for a year and feel that learning traditional techniques are invaluable.

What are you up to this week?

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