Sockhead Bandwagon

I’ve jumped on the sockhead (slouchy hat) bandwagon. Every (previously) knitted slouchy hat has been too big and falls over my eyes when I bend over to pick up dog poop. (I’m a dog walker, if you didn’t know.)

img_20170205_105836 A silly face, I know but now that I’m older, who am I trying to impress? 😀

I used Lang Mille Colori Baby in the 51 Nebula colourway. Yes, I know it’s superwash, sad, but it was in my stash, forgive me.

Despite being a superwash “wool”, it didn’t have the slippery feeling some do and I joined yarn using the felting method which worked beautifully. Is it possible they didn’t wrap it in plastic?

My neighbour is in love with it so I’ll gift it to her, I’m making another for myself using the left over Nebula with Grapevine, alternating colours every other row.

I have another finish but I haven’t blocked it yet, coming soon…