Lotus Blossoms

Bending Pins: Y-Seam Lotus Blossom


It began with a single bud.

Bending Pins: Y-Seam Lotus BlossomWhich grew…

Bending Pins: Y-Seam Lotus Blossom

… into a lotus blossom.

I’m really happy with my final design but I have yet to perfect it then grow it into a quilt.

Flower stars





I didn’t sew a stitch today but I did a lot of starching, pressing, cutting and rearranging for a new quilt idea. It will be made of Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill, some solids and maybe even some Tula Pink. Sewing tomorrow! This last one is my favorite so far…  Which one is your favorite?


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hand Stitching

Modern Mabel Quilt

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

I finished hand quilting and  binding my Modern Mabel quilt, an ode to my Grandmother and WE love it! All the fabrics except the background (Kona Maise) and backing, a baby blue tiny houndstooth flannel, are by Denyse Schmidt.    I hand quilted it as my Grandmother had 50 years ago when she gave the original to my parents as a wedding gift.

I have a very special attachment to this quilt and think I will make another for sale in my Etsy shop, which is rather empty at the moment.

I also hand quilted my “How many squares?” puzzle block, my entry into the Project Quilting Season 4, first challenge, “Square in a square”  competition. Being a square block, I thought droplet like quilting — the polar oposite of squares, would add interest and movement to the block.

Droplet QuiltingAlthough my stitches aren’t perfect (who’s are??), I really loved quilting with Thimblelady’s needles, they allowed me to fit many more stitches per inch than a regular short quilting needle.  I can’t quilt like Thimblelady yet but I’ll practice!

Someone mentioned I should submit this block for the 100 Blocks magazine, if you have information on this, I’d love to know!!

My girlfriends Andrea and Tara came over yesterday for our very first Durham Modern Quilt and Craft Guild meeting and had a blast. If you’re interested in joining and live in Durham, Ontario, Canada, send me an email and let me know you’re interested in joining us for a great time of chatting and stitching, we’d love to meet you!

Hope you had a great weekend with family or being creative!

xo xo Tabatha

“How many squares?” quilt block

How Many Squares in Fig

How Many Squares in Fig

Today I discovered Project Quilting through Pretty Lady Baby‘s blog. Remarkably, they’re in their fourth season, how did I not know about this?? For their kick-off, the first challenge is A Square in A Square. What better block to enter than my “How Many Squares” puzzle block? So this morning, I chose a colour palette from Design Seeds, selected my fabrics and went to work following my own directions.

Thankfully my pattern seems to be correct and the block went together quickly. The most difficult task in this process was laying out the colours. In addition to the original palette, I added Kona Snow and Ash. To set the block off, I added a big, chunky 4.5″ border on all sides in Kona Slate.

My next decision will by how to quilt this. I’m thinking using perle cotton and hand quilting. What do you think?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

January’s Lucky Star block


January’s Lucky Star block is a paper pieced block of the month led by Don’t Call Me Betsy. I thought that since I’m in the Simply Solids bee, I’d try another quilting using only solids. I’m not completely happy with my block so I think I’ll try again using a colour palette from Design Seeds or maybe low volume solids.

I need more practice to produce a better paper pieced block! Any tips??


Paper Piecing

Earlier in September, Kristy of the Australian blog, Quiet Play, asked for pattern testers so I merrily volunteered. Last week I received a selection of Asian inspired patterns, I chose the bowl of rice, soy sauce and chop sticks. Here’s the original:

Original image from Quiet Play

And here’s my interpretation of the pattern:

Admittedly it wasn’t my first attempt, I had a really hard time with the chop sticks oddly enough, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the angles and I tried a few times before I got it right.

I used Osnaburg, a loosely woven 100% cotton for the background which I starched heavily before cutting and sewing to prevent stretching. Kaufman’s Essex linnen in Vanilla was used for the rice and chopsticks and camel for the tops of the sticks, Kona black for the soy sauce and quilter’s linen for the soy sauce label. I really like the Osnabug, it has such a natural look to it, very organic.

The next step is to quilt and bind this piece.

My other WIPs include the finished quilt tops waiting for the Gracie Queen frame to arrive and my Star Flower quilt which is kind of stalled but I have until Friday to finish all the blocks if we don’t loose power because of Hurricane Sandy.


A pound of scraps

Oddly, scraps stress me out, so as per Tara‘s suggestion I decided to go through my scrap bins and sell some in my Etsy Shop.

Bending Pins: One Pound Scrap Pack

Click any image to enlarge.

Pack includes Kona solids, Art Gallery solids, Tula Pink, Joel Dewberry, Patricia Bravo, Denyse Schmidt and others in blues and turquoise. Or, if you have something you’d like to swap, drop me a line!