Stitch What Makes You Happy

I discovered another little online crafting site with video tutorials, this one with an adorable embroidery project.

On your piece of linen, you map out 25 little 1 & 1/2″ squares, 5 across and 5 down. In those squares, with a pencil, you draw whatever makes you happy. I made a little list first which included flowers from my garden, edelweiss symbolizing Austria, lavender, gnomes, rabbits, our home, sewing (of course), a key symbolizing Bremen, Germany, coffee, you get the idea…

Then start stitching!

Bending Pins Embroidered Gnome



Bending Pins Embroidery Project

This is my first time embroidering, I know I’m not very good but it’s practice and I’m loving this project, perfect for a lazy day at the cottage.

Skirts Galore

Tabatha's Drawstring Lined Skirt

I started and completed three skirts this weekend, so happy to have expanded my wardrobe (and back in the sewing mojo)!

For this first skirt, I used Cecillia Orange from the line Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli, adore the fabric, love oange and pink together! I wore it today with a white t-shirt and grey sweater (not so warm today), very comfortable.┬áThe fabric is too transparent on it’s own so I lined it with white Kona cotton, I love the feel, it’s sturdy yet soft.

Bending Pins Linen Zakka Style Drawstring SkirtThe second skirt I made is Robert Kaufman’s linen and Far and Away III with embroidered accents including the hem and a little flower above the left pocket. This skirt isn’t lined, I hope it’s not too seethrough! I considered adding more embroidery to it but less is more in this particular case, I think.

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

However, with this next linen skirt, I plan to use as embroidery practice, perhaps a sampler skirt!

Bending Pins Linen Drawstring Skirt

These skirts are so flexible and easy to wear, I’m considering making them for my Etsy shop. Visit my Flickr stream to see larger photos.

Still no mojo to be found…

Ack! We’re back from the cottage (sorry, I forgot to take more wallpaper photos) and it was blistering hot here, too hot to sit on the deck so I ventured down into the lovely cool, tidy basement. I had to add “tidy” in there because I cleaned last weekend and haven’t done anything since.

After flipping through the Zakka Style book and folded some laundry, I thought I’d use Robert Kaufman’s vanilla linen and California Girl (by Fig Tree) to make a card trick block. Much cutting later and I still don’t feel like sewing. Ug. Thankfully the temperature has dropped and we can sit outside again. White wine spritzer anyone?

Such delicious fabric, why don’t I want to sew??

Is it a seasonal thing?

Japanese Linen iPad Case

Linen iPod case

Available in my Etsy shop.

Despite having to do laundry and mop the basement floor yesterday, I managed to finish my linen iPad case. I used Co-Co-Chi E Style fabric by Kokka, Japan and Robert Kaufman’s Quilter’s Linen in Grey and decided to keep the zippered flap on the front adding a simple band to hold it closed and a coordinating zipper pull. The pocket is big enough to fit my stylus and iPhone. There are 2 layers of cotton batting quilted onto the front and the back of the case for protection and is snug enough that my iPad can easily slip in and out but doesn’t move around. For a bit of fun and surprise,I used Tufted Tweets in purple for the lining.

Will take and post photos of the lining and back this afternoon.

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