Optical Illusions

This started out as a BOM but evolved into something completely different, it was supposed to be a star type block but it was just too flat for me. So, I added dimensions and it evolved. It’s a good thing I have more Kona greys and Magic Beans on the way because I’ll need them, I’m all out of coal and getting short on ash.

Prior to this I made another BOM but with blues, I don’t like it as much, the dark blue is too strong. Maybe I’ll try it again with other fabric.

The next block on my list this weekend is the Winged Square Block.

Last block of the day…


Damn you Craftsy, you came out with February’s BOM early!

Balkan Puzzle Block

I had it in my head, early this week, after Red Pepper Quilts posted her Rolling Stone block, that I’d use my Magic Beans and Kona Greys to create an optical illusion with them.  Then Craftsy unveiled their BOMs for February and I thought I’d use the same idea with the Balkan Puzzle Block. I created four half square triangles of each shade of Kona Grey (Ash, Medium & Coal) then started playing with different layouts based on the same theme.


Chunky Chevron

Craftsy BOMs done. I don’t know why these blocks take me so friggin’ long to make!

Rolling Stone

This isn’t part of Craftsy’s BOM but when I saw it on Red Pepper Quilt’s site, I really liked it. I don’t love mine so much. Maybe some Magic Beans are needed. Back in a few hours…

Wonky Craftsy BOM: January 2012

Not perfect but neither am I, this is the first time attempting these very simple blocks.  I’ve decided to make this quilt for my son using only the magic beans print from American Jane’s Fairy Tale Friends line. First up was the Asterisk block which somehow went off the rails a bit but I still love it and quite frankly, I think that once the quilt is completely finished and quilted, I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

Wonky Asteriks

The second block was a wonky pound sign. Again, I wasn’t able to line up the bars properly but it’s supposed to be wonky! ;D

Wonky Pound Block

There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be trying these blocks again (and again) and perhaps I’ll be able to line up the strips next time. It was nice to squeeze in some sewing on a work night but I still felt rushed. One hour is not a lot of time.