Fractured progress

Bending Pins: Fractures Progress

I had all my fabrics chosen before I started paper piecing.

Bending Pins: Fractured Progress

When I started working on the first border of blues, I wasn’t sure about the blend from reds/oranges to blues however, second border includes a deep rich purple which I think will marry the reds with the blues. We’ll find out tomorrow!

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I love working with tracing paper, it’s super easy to tear off and being able to see through it is a bonus. When I grabbed a pen to mark the pieces, little did I know it wasn’t permanent! When the fabric got wet — I wet my seams to make them lay fatter — the ink ran a little. I’m trying to control the damage by spot cleaning. I made a few mistakes which were easy to correct, this is such a free flowing project, I want to make more quilts like this! I’ve seen some using printed fabrics but I find they’re not as striking. I may gift this to a friend in the hospital with serious head trauma, I’m hoping it’ll stimulate his brain. Hospitals have no colour and in general, depressing.

In cheerier news, look what I received in the mail today!!

This is a little order from Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts, how cute is the packaging?!  And the cuteness doesn’t stop there!

Waiting For Spring

Waiting For Spring

My fabric choices were a real ying-yang moment, the first is a very feminine curated bundle by Jennie of Clover and Violet, aptly named “Waiting for Spring“, all of which are from the Honey Honey line. The colours are soft and gentle, very feminine and girly.

The second bundle is very masculine, another curated bundel by Jenelle of Echinops and Aster called “Northern Lights“. Take out the pink and you have a guy’s quilt.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This is the first time I’ve purchased anything from Sew Lux Fabric and really appreciate the care and detail they put into their packaging.

I’m linking up with WIP Wednesdays and The Needle and Thread Network (when they become active).


Fractured Prep

I know I said last week that paper piecing wastes a lot of fabric, BUT… I’ve decided to make my own “Fractured” quilt using Displacement Activity’s paper piecing tutorial.

Instead of using regular paper, I’ve decided to use tracing paper, it’s transparent so I can see the lines on both sides and thin for easier paper removal, two very huge benefits. It’s not very expensive either, $3 for a pad.

Fractured Paper Piece

I don’t know if all tracing paper is like this (I don’t think so), it has a rough(ish) side and a smooth side. The smooth side will be up and the rough(ish) side will be against the fabric.

I haven’t decided on a colour palette yet– yellows and blues? I think I’ll make it larger than the original which is 36″ x 36″, I may also offset the burst so it’s not in the middle of the quilt but rather one corner.

What are you up to this weekend?

January’s Lucky Star block


January’s Lucky Star block is a paper pieced block of the month led by Don’t Call Me Betsy. I thought that since I’m in the Simply Solids bee, I’d try another quilting using only solids. I’m not completely happy with my block so I think I’ll try again using a colour palette from Design Seeds or maybe low volume solids.

I need more practice to produce a better paper pieced block! Any tips??


Paper Piecing

Earlier in September, Kristy of the Australian blog, Quiet Play, asked for pattern testers so I merrily volunteered. Last week I received a selection of Asian inspired patterns, I chose the bowl of rice, soy sauce and chop sticks. Here’s the original:

Original image from Quiet Play

And here’s my interpretation of the pattern:

Admittedly it wasn’t my first attempt, I had a really hard time with the chop sticks oddly enough, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the angles and I tried a few times before I got it right.

I used Osnaburg, a loosely woven 100% cotton for the background which I starched heavily before cutting and sewing to prevent stretching. Kaufman’s Essex linnen in Vanilla was used for the rice and chopsticks and camel for the tops of the sticks, Kona black for the soy sauce and quilter’s linen for the soy sauce label. I really like the Osnabug, it has such a natural look to it, very organic.

The next step is to quilt and bind this piece.

My other WIPs include the finished quilt tops waiting for the Gracie Queen frame to arrive and my Star Flower quilt which is kind of stalled but I have until Friday to finish all the blocks if we don’t loose power because of Hurricane Sandy.



Yesterday I was ruminating on what to sew this weekend and mentioned that I really love the Urban Lattice quilt. After reading the instructions for the sew along, I wondered why they paper pieced such a simple block, was it because everything was on the bias? This morning I was reviewing the quilt as you go sew along tutorial when it occurred to me that you could simply use batting to stabilize the bias lattice blocks and quilt as you go instead of paper piecing, skipping the step of tearing out the paper, which drives me crazy (and often pulls out stitches in the process). I’m sure I’m not the first (or last) person to think of this but it was a eureka moment for me. 😀

So, my plan for this weekend is to make four lattice QAYG blocks using some of my new fabrics, to make a pillow cover and experiment with colours. I’m cruising through the Urban Lattice Flicker group and taking note of the quilts I like best. Most use colours for the centre square of the lattice and solids for the border and thinner lattice work. There were a few quilts that used tones to give the second diamond a three dimensional effect which I really liked. I wasn’t fond of the tiny centre diamonds surrounded by a lot of solids but that’s just me.

What if you created a scrappy lattice quilt, what would that look like? What if the inner diamond was sold and the surrounding diamond was scrappy? What if you used a non-solid for the thin lattice lines? What if those lines were fatter?

Is anyone interested in a quilt as you go urban lattice tutorial or quilt along?

I think I’m going to have fun this weekend, one more sleep!!


Pinwheel Oops!

What a fun and happy mistake!


Pinwheel Mistake

This is the paper pieced pinwheel block I mentioned yesterday using Kona Ash, Coal and a Little Apples jelly roll. Because the pieces are symmetrical and I wasn’t paying attention, I reversed the greys on one of the points but I think it’s kinda funky and I like the effect! Imagine an entire quilt of pinwheel blocks with just one block reversed.

Paper piecing gives you nice crisp lines and with the right fabrics, you can achieve a modern look. I think I might try more today using Joel Dewberry or Patricia Bravo fabrics. My biggest complaint about paper piecing is the fabric waste, which seems to be massive. Jelly rolls worked really well with both my paper pieced blocks but you would need to use a jelly roll of one solid colour, or didn’t mind having different colours and prints in each block. Small prints and solids seem to work best as many of the pieces are small and thin.

If you’re interested in taking Wendy Butler Burns’ free motion quilting class, it’s currently on sale for 50% off. I learned a lot from this course, from all of them actually, and the best part is that they never expire, you can watch them whenever you want. The next class I’m going to sign up for is Quilting Quickly II, I’m just waiting for it to go on sale too.

Little Apples Dream Weaver

Just before the holidays, Craftsy had a sale on their online classes so I decided to sign up for their “Quick-Strip Paper Piecing” with Peggy Martin. I’m not a big fan of the stars but it’s something I wanted to learn and thought I could probably use this skill in other ways and in different projects. I knew going into this that I definitely didn’t want to use any batiks,no red and black together, or browns for that matter. Get my drift? I wanted a modern star with modern fabrics.

Little Apples Dream Weaver

Using a Little Apples jelly roll by Aneela Hoey and Kona Coal, I think I achieved my goal. This block was actually very easy but you need to watch the videos and pay attention. I somehow managed to loose one of the paper pieces in my massive fabric mess.

Dream Weaver Points

The next block I’m going to attempt is “Pinwheel Polka”, a 4-point star which I actually quite like. Not sure which fabric I’ll use yet.

And speaking of fabric (what a segway huh?), I ordered a shed load of Liz Scott’s Domestic Bliss today, I hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive, can’t wait!!

Image courtesy Pink Chalk Fabrics