A little beading

I’ve done a little beading in the past and have picked a zipper on a skirt and thought it would be a nice touch for a tablet case (click on photos for close-ups).

Hand picked zipper with beading


The zipper is hidden. Unfortunately this did not work for a tablet sleeve so I’m going to make a squarish pouch instead, I’d hate to waste that zippered beading! The tutorial for a hand-picked zipper is here, it really isn’t difficult, is just as strong as a machine sewn zipper and soooo much prettier!


Hand Quilting Sunday

Hand Stitching Tula Pink's Parisville

Yesterday I decided to make something for myself, DH ordered a Touch Pad for me when HP had a fire sale, it arrived last Thursday and it’s all mine, I don’t have to share! 😛  Tula Pink’s Parisville is one of my very favorite prints, especially Cameo in Sky so I cut out a vignette and put some cotton batting behind, secured it with my cheap wooden hoop and drew a design directly on the fabric with pencil. The fabric design itself is just too detailed and intricate to trace each and every element. I didn’t quilt over the lady’s face but instead outlined it, as well as the ship and her mask.

After quilting around the woman, I turned the hoop around, cut a small slit in the batting and stuffed her face with tiny pieces of batting. It doesn’t really show up well in the photo and it is subtle but I had fun and like it nonetheless.

Keeping it girly, I’m using Melissa Averinos’ Swoon Waves in Cherry {love} on the back and am going to scatter a few of my favorite Parisville Damask Dot in Pomegranate fleurs (an odd number of couse). I have a light pink 14″ zipper I can use, not sure if I’m going to insert the zipper by hand or machine. I love the control I have when I do things by hand.

Another hand sewing project I’m working on is a Dresden Plate table runner for my Mother-in-Law who lives in Bremen, Germany.

Dresden Plate table runner

Because today was so lovely, DH wanted to go for a drive to take photos of the changing leaves so I prepared this project to bring with me. I cut the yellow centers, pressed and pinned them down then sewed them by hand as we drove. I attempted to quilt by hand on either side of each blade but I wasn’t happy with the back. Although my stitches appeared to be straight and even on the top, they were tiny and scattered on the back. Unhappy with the results, I cut the knot and tried again. After a second unsuccessful try, I drew lines on one of  the blades  and attempted to hoop it but my cheap wooden hoop was too small to accomodate the quilt sandwich. For now, this project is on hold until I can make it to our local fabric shop.

Yesterday we met Emily for the first time and gave her the quilt I finished last week. I was able to embroider a circular label and hand stitch it to the quilt in time. Mom and Dad were over the moon and we couldn’t be happier! Emily is absolutely adorable and what a good little girl! She came to the Royal Tea House with us for some delicious dim sum and was an absolute angel. Dad is going to send me a photo of Emily with her quilt for my blog. 😀

Tula Hexies

Tula hexies are my favorite hexies! When Parisville Damask Dot in Pomegranate arrived, I wasn’t crazy about the print but when I used it to make hexies, I fell in love!

Side A

Side B

I created the two hexies above then sewed them together with batting in between using a tiny whip stitch around the edges. I think I might do some black outline embroidery. Coasters? Dunno but I’m going to make more.

Click for larger image

I’m feeling like the queen of hexies lately, haven’t been anywhere near my sewing machine for THREE weeks now! 😦