Fresh Green Pez

Minty freshness!

Fresh Green Pezzy Goodness!

Perfect for spring, don’t you think? The original intention with these blocks was an X’s and O’s quilt but as I was pressing my seams, these appeared on my table and I really liked the look. Another row or two perhaps? Straight line quilting? I guess we’ll find out next weekend!

Sew Happy GeekI’m linking up my Pez, pez, pez, red cushion top today.

Pez – pez – pez – red

After yesterday’s blockapalooza I decided I HAD to do something with all the blocks I’m making.

Pezzy goodness

So, I came up with this new cushion top. I have more pezzy goodness on the back burner but I’m out of time this weekend.

I’m not happy that I couldn’t settle down yesterday but all is not lost, I really honed my patchwork skills, something I needed to work on and I certainly learned some new tricks, always good.

Hope you were more productive than I was!