SubUrban Curve

Or “How I Overcame My Fear of the Colour Coral”.

Coral is not a colour in my life, it’s a word in my vocabulary because we keep a saltwater aquarium and there is nothing this colour in our tank. Who thought this hue was “coral”?

Anyway, I created this block using Sandi Henderson’s Secret Garden for Michael Miller fabrics and I love it! Coral, green and yellow are not colours I would have paired but look how beautifully they work together. Gentle, sweet, and lovely are some of the words I’d use to describe this fabric.

Instead of creating a nine patch to feature in the middle of this block, I used a medallion print and framed it using the Quick Curve Ruler. once I finish up all my cushion covers, I’m going to experiment more with the ruler to create something new.

Urban 9 Patch Finished & Quilted

This was a fun block to make, I really enjoyed the process and the instructions were easy to follow. The Quick Curve Ruler works best with a regular 45″ rotary cutter with the straight handle.  I found the ergonomic handle rotary cutter didn’t work as well. My Bernina needs a good cleaning, my free motion quilting was a little rusty but I tried some new things , “l” loops on the outer turquoise fabric, spirals in the fuchsia tonal fabric and meandering daises in the middle.

Disregard the stitching in the corners, I’m going to rip that out and leave them clean. Click photos for close-ups.

Playing with Curves

On a week night? Yup, but don’t worry, I’ll still be in bed by 9:00.

Radiating outwards

I am having so much fun learning how to use my new Quick Curves Ruler, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to try it out! It’s super easy to use, easy to sew and easy to press the seams flat without any excess fabric.

click on image to enlarge


I think there are a lot of possibilities with this ruler, it’s just a matter of experimenting. Can’t wait for the weekend, just two more sleeps!

Urban Nine Patch Plan

Today was a great mail day, I received all my Kona greys by UPS, my Fabricworm order which included some Momo Half Moon Modern in Tangerine and Sunshine, an enormous amount of Kona Greener Pastures AND the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful! I now have a plan for this weekend, the Urban Nine Patch.

I can’t wait to start! Don’t you want a Quick Curve Ruler too?!