Star Flowers

Bending Pins: Star Flowers #1

I found the initial pattern for this block in Quilter’s Academy Vol.4, the original was called “Snow Crystals” and I instantly fell in love with it. I added the little square of deep fuchsia in the corner blocks which I really love. I was thinking of using this block (or a better one) for the center of a quilt then scattering blossoms around it adding green leaves. This block was a challenge for me because there wasn’t any step-by-step instructions on how to sew and press the seams. I made a few mistakes which I hope to correct in my next iteration. I used Joel Dewberry’s latest line, Notting Hill in Magenta, I love the depth of colour he used!

I’m really struggling on a name for this block, suggestions welcome!

I’m off to attempt another block. What challenges are you working on?

Matching seams on an angle

I was having problems sewing strips together and getting an arrow straight seam, the sewing line seemed to bow in the middle of the strip, especially if it was 18″ or longer. Today I used starch to “glue” my two strips together so I didn’t have to worry about ensuring the strips were aligned evenly. The strip was only 18″ and sewed them with my 1/4″ guide foot with very little manual manipulation, this worked brilliantly. I starch-glued a third strip and repeated the process and pressed the seams open very gently so I wouldn’t distort the fabric then cut 2.5″ strips on a 60degree angle.

Matching Seams

Matching seams accurately on an angle is tricky, I marked my 1/4″ sewing lines on both pieces then used a pin to match the seams but removed it prior to sewing. Remarkably my seams were absolutely perfect! However, my second attempt wasn’t as successful.

Missed Points

If you have any tips for matching 60 or 45 degree angle seams, please share them!! One  step I forgot to take was measuring my first strip after sewing to ensure it was 2.25″ wide and trimming if necessary, this is part of sewing accurately according to the Quilter’s Academy book. Volumes 2 & 3 should be arriving tomorrow, can’t wait!

TIP: If you have a little trouble separating your fabrics after sewing using starch to glue them together, mist with water and warm fabric with iron. Do not yank on your fabric, this will distort it.

Bending Pins: Pieced Cube

Click image to enlarge.

I think the effect itself is really cool and even cooler that it can be done in fabric but I don’t find this block attractive and I don’t think I’d make an entire quilt out of it but my husband might like it as a mug rug for his office. ;D

Have you been having fun with a challenge? Another technique I’d like to tackle is curves, I’ve sewn many sleeves onto shirts but very few quilt blocks.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

60 degrees

I know what you’re thinking, more stars? These stars are actually built around 60 degree tumbling blocks which you can see clearly on the botton right of the image. The pattern is from Quilter’s Academy Vol. 4 called “Constellation” designed by Carrie Hargrave and finishes at 26″ x 37″. The piece below is the full width of the project, the diamonds are 2 & 5/8″. There are 11 different yellows and 17 hues of blue, most of the Kona solids with a few tonal prints tossed in.


I didn’t intend on starting a new project but this one looked fairly quick and easy. Fingers crossed! ;D

Finished: Modern Mabel quilt top

Modern Mabel Quilt TopModern Mabel Quilt Top

I really love how this quilt has come together, it’s a very simple layout and the hand stitching will be very simple as well. Each of my blocks finish at 10″ with 4″ sashing on each side, the final dimensions for this quilt are 60″ wide by 74″ long, a great size for a twin bed or lap quilt. I have to thank Sharon Schamber for teaching me a whole new way of accurate piecing, I used this video to create the stars and my Grandmother’s quilt for inspiration.  If you’re interested in trying a y-seam star, you don’t need a lot of fabric and if you’ve done some garment sewing, it’s not difficult at all.

I’m not sure what my next project will be but I have to quilt some quilts before I make another quilt top!

I have a few ideas for my next quilt top, last weekend I signed up for the Craftsy class, Scrap Quilting: Big Techniques From Small Scraps taught by Australian quilter Sarah Fielke. She demonstrates a technique I’d never heard of before called Step Down Piecing which looks like fun.

Another pattern I’m really attracted to is “Snow Crystals” I discovered in the book “Quilter’s Academy Vol. 4“.

Snow Crystals

Quilter’s Academy Vol. 4

This is an excellent book if you’re looking for a real challenge and where I found this block. I’ve since ordered Vol.s 2 and 3 as well. Volume 4 focuses on sewing hexagons, stars and diamonds. It was a complete fluke that I found this book, it was recommended by Amazon for me.  Be forewarned, this book does not hold your hand step-by-step but there are a lot of great patterns I’ve wanted to try for awhile. I’m looking forward to building my quilting skills!
Stars Aplenty