Fabric, Fabric, Everywhere!

This past weekend, SewTara and I hit Quilt A Bag where we’d purchased fabric at the CreativFestival, I wanted more wonderful fabric! I’m going to start off with my favorite and most expensive, a meter of Japanese Enchino:

I love the vibrant colours, orange, turquoise, green and orange dominated, what’s not to love? Love the patterns, not so fond of the texture, slightly rough, more on the canvas side than the supple soft cotton side.

I love this Westminster Fibers’ Snow Cuddle, I’m having a love affair with the grey/yellow combination and this fits nicely.

More yellow/grey colour combinations, the mauve and green (top middle) was in a pack and not optional, I wouldn’t have chosen them given a choice. The yellow floral was a nice deal, $6.00 for a full meter.

This is my first attempt at attempting to put together patterns and colours together for a quilt, not quite right but please give me your opinions, I’m completely open to comments, I know so little about quilting, I need help!

This is my second ¬†combination which I find more appealing but it’s also so predictable, what colour ¬†or fabric suggestion would you throw in to make this more exciting? More orange and/or turquoise?