Granny Square Quilted Skirt

Grranny Square Quilted Skirt

This skirt is taking longer than expected but I love it! I used 5″ squares to create the block, traced the skirt pattern onto wax paper and positioned it over the fabric. I had to add a few squares on the sides and layered a piece of white Kona muslin underneath the block and cut the two out at the same time. I cut the front and back out separately, one side is predominantly red while the other is predominantly turquoise — there is no front or back to this skirt.

I quilted the block and the muslin together using a straight stitch 1/4″ on each side of the block seams and repeated this step for the back. Once the quilting was complete, I sewed up the sides of the skirt.

I’m going to add a 2″ band at the bottom but haven’t decided whether I should use a solid or a print.

In other news, I finished my Bear Paw block, hurray! After I resized the corner pieces, everything fell into place.

Hair cut today, W00t! Have a great Saturday everyone!


Polyester, EW!

I purchased some cotton/poly mix for a wrap skirt (McCall’s 5430) muslin, the cotton content is larger but the poly is still obvious, especially when you iron it. I can smell the polyester and I can’t stand it! Why does anyone need to use poly mixed with other fibers? Can’t you get stretch cotton without poly? It also does something strange with my body odor. If I wear natural fibers, I have no problem with pit stink. Put polyester under my arms and we have a serious problem regardless of how much deodorant I use. My feed dogs have a hard time grabbing it, my iron can’t create sharp creases, it’s disgusting!

That’s another great thing about making your own clothes, you can choose which materials with which pattern, you want to use as long as it behaves (35% stretch or woven) as required.

Just say NO to polyester!!

I’ll wear the muslin around the house and perhaps on weekends but this skirt is destined for a wonderful linen, cotton mix.

McCall's 5430 Wrap Skirt