WIPs Galore!

All quilting is suspended until I have my quilting frame & machine (and a LOT of practice), which leaves me with many WIPs and new projects. As mentioned yesterday I’ve been invited by Heather & Megan of Quilt Story to participate in their Holiday Tutorials Thursdays so one of my WIPS is to work on my tutorial!

One new project I started last weekend is what I consider a “guy’s” quilt using Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt, Robert Kaufman Essex linen and log cabins. Love the fabrics in this line! I’m using Superior Threads’ Kimono Silk for piecing and quilting which gives me super flat and strong seams!


Another project I’m working on is a baby quilt for one of my girlfriends, she is currently 6 months along so I only have four months left to work on it. I don’t know if she’s having a girl or boy (I’m guessing girl) but thought I’d play it safe  by making it for a boy or a girl by using two Aneela Hoey embroidery patterns from her new book, Little Stitches. Her designs are so sweet and book is fabulous, great for embroidery beginners like myself.

Last but not least, I’ve been hankering to make a bear’s paw quilt and have decided to once again pull out Backyard Baby fabric by Patty Sloniger. I’m not a big child’s fabric fan but I adore this line, it’s obviously for kids without being too cutesy.

On a side note, I’ve started using my Sony NEX 5-N instead of my iPad, I really need to use all of the features available, it’s a great camera but I need to work on my white balance as well as other things.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have new a hair style, it’s very similar to the last style. I’ve decided that I really, really love short hair (so does DH!), so easy to care for, I haven’t had to use a blow dryer or straightener in months, which is so much healthier! I just need to ignore my parent’s and strangers comments — my Dad loves long hair but he doesn’t have to take care of it. ;D

Have a great week, keep on sewing!

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Photo Light Box

Last evening DH and I went to Henry’s camera store, he wanted to purchase a lens protector for his new Zeiss lens. While we were there, I spotted an inexpensive light box which included lights, bulbs, light stands and photo box.


It’s a very simple set-up yet so effective! You could not put this kit together yourself for any less than what I paid for it. The bulbs alone are $50.00 each!

We already had the mini camera tripod and remote shutter release. Here’s the result:

I could have moved the block up a little but I love that there are no harsh shadow, all you see is the block.

Here’s DH’s camera, the photo was taken with mine, the Sony Alpha NEX-5N, he has the 7N with a fancy Zeiss lens.




August 2011 Stash Building

After a very long two week wait, my much anticipated fabric order arrived. I am such a Joel Dewberry & Tula Pink fan, check out this fabric combination:

Pink - Dewberry

Is it just me? Do you love this combination as much as I do? Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom in Citrine and Tula Pink’s Flutteryby Dragonfly print in Aqua, to me, its a stunningly gorgeous, dynamic combination. I just received the Dragonfly print after work today, it was sent to me by a lovely woman in Brazil, purchased on Etsy as part of a fabric swap. Thank you Gabriela, I LOVE it!!

I added more Tula Pink Parisville to my stash, mixing it up with Heirloom in Garnet. ❤

Pink & Dewberry

I also picked up 2 , 1/2 yard prints of Dena Fishbein’s  Taza. I had originally intended to purchase 1/2 a yard of each print but I’m glad I didn’t, I was really expecting a deeper, more saturated red in the Medallion print, it looks faded and washed out to me, not what I was expecting.  I also ordered a 1/2 yard of Caroline which has more punch but I’m not head over heels for it. I was surprised that the backgrounds of these two prints aren’t the same tone. Was this a mistake or intentional?


The new  Tina Givens fabric, Pernillas Journey, Elephant Run in Cotton Candy didn’t ring my bell either. The pink certainly is cotton candy but it just seems there should be more overall contrast, especially in the sketchy pencil lines.

DH’s birthday is this weekend and his new camera is arriving tomorrow, he’s getting the newly released Sony NEX-5N.  FIFTEEN megapixel madness with 1080P HD video capture, shutter lag time of just 20 milliseconds, a magnesium-alloy body and interchangeable lenses. Finally we’ll have depth of field again, something I’ve been complaining about with our old camera, an HD Lumix which is an excellent point and shoot for travelling. Hopefully my photos will be more exciting soon!

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