Our last day in Bremen

Tomorrow we fly out of Bremen with a six hour layover in Amsterdam then on to Toronto. Today we had one last walk around the Schnoor.

Sign from the Schnoor

Low and behold, I finally found a small fabric shop, the smallest shop on the Schnoor stocked with goodies that made my heart sing!



The store is called “Feine Stoffe” and is located at Wustestatte 3, if you’re ever in the area, Releana has some wonderful goodies in store! Sadly she does not have an online store, not many do here, it seems…

And these are the goodies I’m bringing home!

Gnome Ribbon

The red check is woven linen and yes, those are gnomes you see below that and ibex on the bottom.



Can’t wait to use my new goodies in various projects!

I’m sorry I missed the Sew Mamma Sew giveaway, I wanted to participate this year but it just didn’t work out. My favorite part of this trip was driving to the top of Austria’s tallest mountain, Grossglockner. It was absolutely breathtaking!


Not to mention the view from our suite in Hallstatt.



Sewing in Bavaria

Yesterday we arrived in Oberammergau, Bavaria and while strolling around found these fabulous creations.

Here’s a close view…


Love them both! Also found a durndle store, amazing but EXPENSIVE!


We’re back in the north of Germany today, I’m looking for a handmade leather bag for myself.

Gifts from der Schnoor, Bremen, DE

Although the weather was horrible today — rain, wind, hail and a tiny bit of sun, we ventured out to the Schnoor again to look for gifts.

A cute little wooden, hand made girl holding a flower.

I had to go back and get these crazy critters, also handmade.


And a pop art mug for myself, what I love most is all these things are made in Germany!

Tomorrow is a holiday here, we plan to rent bicycles and ride along the Weser river. Let’s hope the weather is better!!


Eight Days and Counting

Eight more days till I see these little guys again.

Sogestrasse, Bremen

The people, the culture, the lifestyle, the FOOD & BEER! Yes, believe it or not, the food in Germany is outstanding. Last time we were there we ate and drank our way from the north sea to the Austrian alps. It was fall, the air was crisp, the food was hearty,  and the beer ran freely. Wild boar, fresh smoked fish and eel, meade, yes, meade, wine made from honey, some mixed with fruit, it was delicious. And if you’ve never had smoked eel before, give it a try if offered, it’s sweet and delicious (such an ugly creature)!

I want to live there but in the mean time, we’ll keep playing the lotto.

House on the Schnoor

New Ikea Duvet Cover

DH picked out this fresh, spring floral duvet cover which came with matching pillow cases, we selected two more in navy blue. While we were there, I grabbed two feather accent cushions with the intension of making covers for them. When we got home, I went through my stash looking for fabric to match, here’s what I came up with (click on photos for larger view):

Flea Market Fancy   Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung      Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung   Flea Market Fancy

I think all these fabrics go well with the Ikea print but for me, the two fabrics that really stand out in the crowd are #1 and #2 although the blue floral print, #3, really echos the blue flowers in the print. Now I have to find a pattern or make something up. 😀

In just 27 days we’ll be on a flight to Germany. We’ll be spending a week in Bremen with my Mother-in-Law then flying to Munich and driving into the alps to Austria and perhaps Switzerland. While there, I’ll be blogging with my iPad and bringing you along. This vacation can’t come soon enough!

Happy Saturday!!